Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekending: Family & Appletinis {Weekend Recap}

What a blessed weekend we have had!  Special time with both families, a great date night AND a lot of relaxation!  Perfect combo.

The weekend starts Friday afternoon right?? I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and my cart was overflowing, so were the aisles!  Seriously, I couldn't believe it was so crowded on a Friday afternoon, I thought I was avoiding the weekend mess.
I did some baking for the weekend and then Derek and I had to drop off my car at the GMC dealership for a long overdue oil change.  I very much needed some new black pants so I talked Derek into a quick run in to the mall and super score, Banana Republic was having a 40% off sale AND I found my pants.  My favorite pair: here. I have them in black, navy & maroon.  
 We did a late dine (like we were digging into our meals at 9:30) at Ruth's Chris and it was fantastic as usual.  Fun fact, they do half off wine bottles on Friday nights, which would have been fantastic if we were craving wine but I LOVE the watermelon martinis at the steakhouse.  

They also have a delicious drink menu, I see us making some of these at home.
 Much needed after a busy week. We had a great date night out, much needed as well.  We love our date nights together 
The weekend snow had just started when we left dinner at was just wet snow so Derek convinced me to pop into the new restaurant right next to our house (literally we can walk, in the warmer weather we will most definitely be regulars) for a drink and their bar is fantastic, such a great addition to the neighborhood.
We ran into some friends and I had one to many martinis (I always forget, vodka is NOT my friend)
I love nights out with my sweet groom.
 Thankfully it was a less than a minute drive home
 Very exciting moment; it was our first snow in the new house.  We've had some dustings and flurries but this was the first substantial amount and we were like little kids!  It always helps when you shovel the driveway after a couple drinks and don't have to to it the next morning.
We of course had to document our first snow and take some time watching it fall on the back deck.

 To toast our first snow, we had a drink at the Saloon (our bar in the basement) and stayed up way past our bedtime.
 You know your old when your up before 8:30 on a Saturday morning and face timing some of your best friends.  The rest of the morning wasn't as pretty.  The appletini aftermath kicked in and let's just say, I was in rough shape.  Like Derek and I shared a slice of bread and a sprite for lunch rough shape. Luckily, I rallied and was ready to go when Derek's family arrived in from NJ later in the day.
 Being an aunt is the best, being a fun aunt is even better.  Icing always wins.
 And then we took it one  step further.  Our house was so full of life and happiness with our two little nieces in town.  Two sweet peas ages five and under.
We had the best night.  So much food, so many laughs, both families together. Happy heart.
My kitchen helper.  How cozy are her pajamas?! I was super jealous.
DIY Salad Bar
 My go to "hosting a big group meal"… Baked Ziti 
Recipe: here
 Garlic bread and of course we had meatballs too.
We had this delicious cookie cake for dessert.  My first homemade dessert and first homemade frosting. I will never go back to frosting in a jar; this was too fabulous.  Recipe coming later this week, possibly a special Saturday post.
 It's always a love/hate relationship when your husband decides it is a good idea to play a video that he took of you having a rough morning after too many tinis. Not only revealing the video and story but playing it over his loud speaker in the basement AND revealing not so flattering pictures.  Thanks, Derek. Thanks.
 There were plenty of laughs all around and just a little bit of embarrassment for this girl.  Fun fact; whenever I have a martini of any kind, Derek likes to call me Tini.  He's been known to say "another martini for Tini." Extra fun fact; I had a professor in college that took it upon herself to call me Tini.

 Such a loving family, laughing at my mistakes.  But a happy and laughing bar makes for a happy and fun night.  It was so much fun seeing everyone laugh and have a great time all night (not just at the martini stories, we laughed about a lot more).
Whenever we're with the nieces (and/or nephews) it's always an early wake up call.  The non-parents, Derek and I, are always ready for our naps by noon.  Derek's Mom, brother, sister-in-law and the girls left in the morning and his Dad was traveling for work so we did a brunch at the diner before he left.  We were most definitely back in bed around noon for our much needed naps and lazy afternoon.

What is Kallyn doing in a dog crate?! Why were we putting a dog crate together Sunday morning?! Is there possibly a surprise later this week?!
 Derek and his dad put together some new gates and Kallyn tested those out for us too.  Everything is ready to go thanks to our sweet test girl.
 Ainsley sat out of the work set up and played with shoes instead. Smart girl.
 Post (very long) nap time, we decided it was snack time and resorted to the couches, some of Mom's leftover delicious dip (recipe: here) and an episode of Entourage.  We are beyond hooked on it.
We spent the rest of the afternoon putting together the most complicated lamp for the office and a bookshelf that's serving as a TV stand.  We only got about halfway through the stand before dinner.

We had a Sunday family dinner at The Towne House.  I got to use my birthday certificate and my cousin, Ryan and Grandma joined our family of five for a great early dinner.
 We beat the snow and had a great night and meal.  Per usual, I had my most favorite franch onion soup and sea scallops.
 Family time is always special time and it was a great evening together.
We finished out the weekend with a TV mashup.  Derek rented the WWE fight on HBO and I flipped back and forth between the Pro Bowl and Miss Universe.  I am such a sucker for a beauty pageant, I love love love them.  If I could have any job in the hospitality industry it would be…

1. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 
2. Beauty Pageant Queen
3. Talk Show Host
4. Country Music Star
5. Backup Dancer

We are ready and prepared for this impending "storm" (I have to watch the news for the details) that is headed our way.  My morning meeting is already cancelled and I'm working from home today, staying warm and ready to track the storm. I should have added weather girl to my list above because I love tracking the snow storms.


  1. Excellent bar set up! The garlic bread looks phenomenal!! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Baked Ziti is a great go-to for big groups!

    Stay safe and warm in the snow! My parents are in CT and expecting to get a ton! It's raining in LA today (I know, poor me), but I have nothing to complain about.

    Stopping in from the link-up and your newest follower :)