Friday, January 16, 2015

It's a Fabulous Friday! {Friday Linkups}

Happy Friday, Everyone! 
In our new outlook on living a "quieter" life, I'm super excited to be home this weekend and have not a single thing to do (and by not a single thing, I really mean catching up on some must do errands an house work but hey, at least I'm home)!  I'm really proud of Derek/I for sticking to our plan of not over booking our selves and making an effort to be in our new home  most weekends.  I'm also exited to hibernate, my gosh it's cold out there!!

1. This Single Digit Weather
We dipped down way low into some freezing weather this past week and it's really not the most pleasant. at all.  I'm 100% ready for spring, but it does have some perks! Sometimes I'm in such a rush, I just put on my coat and run out the door but I've been prepping for the cold and taking the time to get my scarf/gloves/head warmer/boots/everything on and a couple extra layers help!  I've also been very into cuddling up under blankets, like every. single. night on the couch.

2. Kate Spade iPad Case
My old iPad case had pen marks on it.  It was old and beat up.  Last week I spilled some of a printer ink cartridge on it and it was just plain time for a new one.  I had eyed this case at the Macy's in Philadelphia (it's not available on Kate Spade's website and is currently unavailable on Macy's website, but I think I've seen it in person in Kate Spade stores and I have definitely seen it in Macy's stores).  Davey had given me something else in this pattern as part of my birthday gift and I just love the glitz and pink sparkles.  I don't even know what model my iPad is {not a technology wiz over here} but I took a shot because Macy's has easy returns.  All is well and I LOVE it, definitely a current favorite of mine - it makes my iPad look much more sleek and cleaner.
3. Me Time
Derek's had to work late (well not super late every night but late enough to miss dinner) and while I always miss him when he's not home at night I've been enjoying some nice "me" time and have been having a great little time watching reality tv reruns, blog reading, pinning, recipe searching, etc.  I pretty much have come home from work/gym, got myself some dinner and then parked myself on the couch the rest of the night.  I see this routine continuing now that the holidays are over even when Derek is home at night. So nice to have nowhere to be.

4. Clogged
Anyone that travels up to Penn State understands that you do just that.  Travel UP to Penn State.  My ears usually pop at least once or twice on the way up the mountain, except on Friday they didn't pop just got plain clogged!  Derek was talking to me one night when I was laying in bed with my clear ear on the pillow and I could barely hear him! Crazy! Anyway Derek & I had been on the lookout for a new doctor anyway so I found an angel doctor right down the road from the new house and not only do I love her as my new doctor but she got my ear right back into shape!

5. The Bachelor Thoughts
Bravo producers, bravo.  This season of The Bachelor has really brought out the crazy which is ironic because Chris is so normal and sweet.  I hid under my blanket in embarrassment for some of the girls, it's funny how you can get so embarrassed for crazies complete strangers.  My favorites at the moment: Trina, Kelsey, Whitney, Britt.  Honorable Mentions: Jeulia, Jade, Becca, Carly, Megan.
What's terrible is that sweet, nice, small town Chris made these girls walk down the LA street in just bikinis - why didn't one single one of them grab a cover up.  Chris is in a hoodie, it can't be that warm.
What's even worse is that the girl trying to be a Kardashian won! I didn't even notice her until this episode and home that she goes home next week so I don't need to notice her anymore.  Does this girl really look like a farmer's wife??? I mean this isn't the simple life, it's the bachelor.

 What's the absolute worst about the terrible group date is that he picks Mackenzie for one-on-one time. 
I think he literally had the least connection with her, picked her and seemed "happy" about it. 
 I almost spit out my water when she said "I have a kid" giggle giggle giggle. 
How hard is it to nicely say "I have a son who means the world to me."
Oh wait, sweet and nice Chris did say that "you have a child?"
I later went on to read the wording next to her name... age 21...
 My absolute favorite crazy. Ashley S
I drop EVERYTHING when she comes on to the screen.
Maybe it's because one of my favorite bachelorettes ever was Ashley S but it's probably because she's SO entertaining.
I can't even understand where she's going with her sentences other than that after this week it's 100% sure she's on drugs. prescribed or not. mixed with alcohol or plain.
She did almost look half normal at the rose ceremony so I can't wait to see her explain her crazy at the After the Final Rose
Praise the Lord the craziest of the crop got a rose.  The very last rose no less.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to whichever producer made Chris keep her around.  I think her crazy will probably be funny for about another week before things get serious

Out of all that mess, I think I'm most embarrassed for Jillian. 
She fell getting a rose.  that wasn't even for her!!!
Chris didn't call her name for another like three names, way to make her sweat.
One of the girls, I think drunk Jordan told the entire world how hairy she is. mortifying!
I wonder if that will be addressed at the WTA
Why did they keep blacking out her bikini bottoms???
This season is for sure boozier than most of the previous, which is hard to do.  Jordan and Tara are most definitely just there for the free drinks.  I mean, Tara was more upset about missing the group cheers than leaving Chris.
Here's to hoping for another week or so of crazy and then Chris actually finding a wife.

I was blown away when I got home from Penn State to find Mom's/my stuff from the Lilly Sale had already arrived! I thought it would have been a couple weeks for sure with how crowded their site has been.

Happy Weekending!


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