Friday, January 9, 2015

It's a Fabulous Friday! {Friday Linkups}

I said I was making some changes around here and Fridays are one of them!  Once my blog makeover is done I'm going to join some fun Friday linkups so here's the new Friday here at The New Mrs…

A couple other changes.. On Saturdays (most weeks, possibly a random weekday depending on what's going on that week) I'll be starting "It's the Little Things" with a little memory from each day of the previous week.  Part of starting the blog was to remember lifes "little moments" so I think it will be fun.  Check back tomorrow for the first one; I'll try it out and if I like it, I'll continue it.

Also I'm going to get back to Cooking with Christina starting next week and first up is my favorite Enchillada Casserole recipe.

1. Lilly for Target
Eek!! The ultimate new this week, that everyone has heard about by now (I had a handful of people reach out to make sure I saw it, my people know I love my Lilly), is that Lilly is collaborating with Target; they have 250 items for the line, 15 prints and everything (clothes, shoes, accessories, home décor) under $150. I'm really interested and excited to see how this turns out.  Good or bad, my bet is that it sells out in about an hour.  My calendar is marked and I'll for sure be on the internet bright and early that morning as well as dropping in my local Target to see what they've got and especially hoping for some home pieces for my new home office (aka the only girly part of the house).  As a loyal Lilly lover, I'm sure I won't love it all but I'm hoping to find a few new treasures and nothing will beat my trips to my beloved KOP Lilly where Derek has somehow multiple times been offered a beer to enjoy on their paisley chairs.  I have to kind of say, I was initially very surprised Lilly was doing this but props to them for trying to reach more people, hopefully just not too many. Check out the sneak peek: Here or follow along on Instagram (where I've been scouting it out) @lillyfortarget or just by searching #LillyForTarget.  Some shots from their instagram page are below.
2. How Bout Them Cowboys
Can we just take a minute and talk about that win on Sunday?! Talk about a comeback and Derek going crazier than usual.  I even could barrely watch.  Needless to say, a wins a win and our life this weekend will continue to revolve around the Cowboys playoff schedule.  At least the game is at 1pm this week so we won't be eating at 8pm like last week. Although Chris Christie could tone it down a little a lot.
Seriously, how precious is Cole Beasley?! I started really getting into him at the beginning of December and he's for sure my new favorite player.  I was so nervous for him when I thought he was literally knocked out on the field.
3. Good Eats
We managed to have three home cooked meals this week (Thursday Derek had a work function and I had left overs) but coming off the Crazy Christmas Season, this was awesome for us and we were so happy to get back into a normal routine and sit down to dinner together.  One recipe was a flop, one was successful and one was a repeat of a favorite recipe. The two success recipes coming soon.
4. No First Day Back Blues
I thought that Monday was going to be terrible and depressing and sleepy for the first day back in basically two weeks (minus a couple days here and there) but it wasn't that bad! The sun was out, I woke up awake; well the Lilly Sale bright and early helped me get going, The Bachelor was premiering (more on this on Monday) and Teresa turned herself in to go to jail (not that that is good news but it is scandalous and interesting to follow)
5. Return of the Shows
Now that Christmas movies are over with I'm so happy to have {some} of my shows back.  Revenge, The Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars returned this week.  While Revenge and PLL keep getting creepier and creepier, The Bachelor is a fun mindless two hours.

Happy Weekending! Stay Warm!

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