Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bachelorette Weekend: Part Three

 {Going Country}
We took a cute little bus complete with mimosas made with orange/pineapple/banana juice that we're so good!  The whole day was a surprise and I was so excited to pull into a vineyard! The girls did great planning, I was also excited that mom was in on it!

{Irvin House Vineyard}
We had a private tasting in a cute little hut outside on the property and it was a lot of fun.
 We were allowed to stroll around the property even over to visit this little cow!
 Our tasting guide was a sweet southern girl and fit right in with the group and made it lots of fun - She even only made me taste just a sip of the red wines :)
 It started down pouring halfway through and it was fantastic! It cooled things off and it was fun to watch it come down like that from under our hut!  Like the day before - it didn't last too long.
 The winery gave me some goodies to take home since I was the bachelorette
{Saturday Afternoon}
We had a mishmash of naps, snacks, drinks, shopping, exploring, really whatever anyone wanted to do

I had been searching for this store, Two Cumberland, since we arrived - at first I had the name wrong then didn't go down the street far enough but finally two minutes after it closed I found it - we still go to go in though and I got some treats to bring home
 A couple other little cute stores from Charleston

{Bike Taxis}
I think this was most definitely a high light for everyone - it was so neat to be driven around Charleston by a guy peddling a bike!  

We went to another really cool place for dinner on Saturday night and then up onto another rooftop - I love Charleston even more with all the rooftop bars!
Such fun drink names
 Cheers! So thankful to have everyone in one place 
 The food there was delicious!
 The only ones that would sacrifice the heat for a photo up on the rooftop

 They had a fiddle player that would sometimes play along with the music the dj was playing - the music here was so great

That's a wrap!  It was so nice to get away from the busyness, wedding planning and house set up for a fun weekend away with all my friends and bridesmaids!  They definitely set up a good time.

Xo C