Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Easter Festivities

We had such a good time celebrating the Easter season this year.  Tatum was super into everythign and Teddy happily tagged along.  We enjoyed using our seasonal pajamas and outfits.

Tatum and I worked on a few different Easter crafts and coloring items to make to give family members over Easter weekend...

A neighborhood Easter egg hunt and the only time we saw the bunny.  Neither boy was happy to see him but Tatum disliked him the most.

Easter cookie baking - we didn't decorate or get as into it as we usually do but at least we did it!

And finally the last day of school before Spring Break!  An Easter party, egg hunt and crafts...

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Disney World: Hollywood Studios

We did the same as the day before - got quick service lunch, a lot of time at the pool then got ready to go back to the Magic Kingdom.  We'd had a Genie + for Peter Pan's but with all the people filling in for the fireworks we'd never make it back to our dinner reservation so we got a spot for the fireworks and looked in the shops.  We had dinner at Tony's then called it a night and took the monorail home.

The next morning we slept in a little bit and headed over to Hollywood Studios in time for our Genie + for Toy Story Mania - probably everyone's favorite ride of all.  We just used Genie + for simple things after this like Frozen Ever After and Disney Jr. Dance Party.  Disney Jr. Dance Party was the last thing we did and a huge highlight for everyone.  Tatum loved it and it was definitely Teddy's favorite part of the whole trip.

The only regrew of the trip is wishing we had a little more time at this park - even though not a ton of rides for the boys - it was so much fun!  We cancelled Hollywood and Vine for lunch because the boys were tired and got back to the hotel just as a storm was hitting.  We got soaked but freshened up for the airport and that was it!