Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Palm Beach: Day Three

Since Tatum was with us we didn't want to only do the pool/beach each day - we tried to have some kind of activity each morning since he likes being out and about.  

We left the hotel I think for the only time during our stay - to head over to Worth Avenue for some strolling, shopping and lunching.  We tried to get over right when the shops opened so we could get back for a long time out in the sunshine too.

We finished up our time out at one of our favorites for lunch - Taboo.  They got us a table out of the way so again, we were able to enjoy easily with Tatum.

We got back to the hotel and made our way straight out to the pool.  I got a few minutes alone in the sun and the boys relaxed in the shade.

We tried to get Tatum into the pool at least two times each afternoon since he enjoyed it so much - he loved riding around on his float and also being held by us.  

To keep things easy like the other nights, we ate at the hotel.  Babies were allowed into the hotel bar/lounge, HMF until 10:30, so we had no problem getting in and out well before that.

After taking Tatum for a little bedtime stroll, we called it a night.  A little different than our usual of staying out late but we didn't mind the low key evenings!

Our final days tomorrow... 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Palm Beach: Day Two

The weather was great the entire time we were in Palm Beach - Typically on our trips Derek will golf and I'll go to the spa but this year we had to split those up on separate days - Derek headed out for an early round of golf while Tatum and I played in the room and then set out for a walk and to play in the courtyard area.

We all met back up just in time for lunch at one of the pool restaurants and to chat about our mornings - Tatum was itching to get near that nice ocean sound.  A real life sound machine!

We made our way down to the beach for the first time of the stay and got Tatum his own chair so he could lay, play and nap - he loved the breeze and sounds.  We dipped his toys into the sand and ocean and just like California, he was a fan!

We finished the day up at the main pool - we weren't sure about taking Tatum away from the kiddie pool but he did great and we were happy to be at the adult pool.  We tried out his baby float for the first time and he enjoyed riding along.

Another nap right around happy hour - this was always his longest of the day while we were there - it was like earlier in the day he didn't want to miss out on swimming or playing.

That night we did our favorite dinner - Flagler's Steakhouse.  We loaded Tatum up onto the hotel shuttle with us over to the golf clubhouse and were pleasantly surprised we could bring him out on the patio - even though nicer restaurants - the hotel was very good about accommodating babies and we had a corner table out of the way. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Palm Beach: Day One

One of our favorite parts of each winter is our annual trip down to Palm Beach - it was so special to have Tatum there with us this year and while the trip was a little different with him there, it was so much fun! 

We stayed at The Breakers and we're always so sad when we have to leave there.  Our room was ready right away and we had a few minutes to freshen up and get into our summer gear before meeting a dear friend for lunch outside by the pool.

We were pumped to be in the warm weather! It's been a freezing winter up here and even sitting out in the shade with Tatum was very well welcomed.  He loved the pool - whether being floated around or especially stepping on the steps and splashing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon under an umbrella - napping, watching, playing - a little different than the usual cocktails and sunbathing, reading, free time, etc.

Tatum settled in for an afternoon nap so we happily enjoyed a quiet happy hour before ending our time in the sun for the day.

We kept it easy that night and just walked downstairs to one of our favorites, The Seafood Bar.  It was pretty crowded but they got us in quickly to a quiet table and we lucked out that Tatum fell asleep for the whole meal shortly after we sat down.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tatum Beau: Four Months

Tatum turned four months on February 16th.

His four month appointment is on Thursday so we'll see about height and weight.

For the most part his thrush has really seemed to clear up this month.  Finally! A few little coughs and sneezes but other than that we've been hiding out and trying to avoid germs.

With the cold he's had chapped cheeks pretty much the whole month and a little bit of dry skin.

He is doing a ton of drooling - his little outfits always get wet... as do our shirts usually.  I think teething is in the near future.

He's still mostly in 0-3 clothes.  Some onesies he has done 3-6 months and they've just been a little bit big (but that's better than too tight) and his little outfits are primarily 0-3 as well as his sleep zip onesies from Target.  He has his first blowout - two back to back ruining two outfits.  For diapers he's been doing well in size two.

All his weight is in that little belly, pants are usually long on him!  I just had to buy diapers for the first time since he was born right at the end of January.

Tatum loves eating! If you take his bottle away and he's not done, he let's out a little whimerping cry. Just after 3 months we hit a bit of crying between bottles so we moved him up to six ounces for each feed.

He usually eats around 5/6am then goes back to bed until a 9am bottle and then noon, 3ish, 5ish, 7ish and 9ish.. Occasionally he'll wake up for a dream feed around 10:30 ish.

Just days past three months he started sleeping through the night - for the most part.  We started with about 9:30/10 as bed time and with the exception of a little fuss where he'd just need a paci and maybe some extra sound machine he'd usually sleep until sometime in the 7am hour.

He's been bouncing back and forth on sleeping through the whole night this month - he hit about 5 nights in a row then was pretty steady waking up at either 2am or 4am then hit another steady stream of about 4 nights fully sleeping then  back to a quick wake up around either 4/5/6am and then usually another hour or two after that of sleep.  The week before he turned four months he had some great sleeps - especially in Florida.

He's not on a napping schedule but usually does maybe four naps a day - his afternoon nap anywhere between 3-6pm is always his longest of the day.  Unless we're out running errands, his morning nap is always super quick.  He's been a little fussier with fighting his naps this week and then will just all of a sudden fall asleep.

He's slowly becoming more and more awake during the day.  We have playtime a few times a day - his favorites are kicking on his mat or sitting on my lap and holding toys to play with.

Sitting up with help, "standing" with help, pulling hair and jewelry, holding onto fingers, he's a little more alert so he likes watching things and making eye contact.

The first twenty seconds of bath time and then he loves it.  Being tired, hungry and cold.  We can 100% tell his hungry cry from other cries.

He loves standing with our help - more than anything! He sits up on his own with something behind him or with our help - he's doing great sitting in his little chair to play for a bit.

Starting to play with toys - I can't wait until he can do even more.

Sleeping through the night... sometimes.

While I love that he falls asleep in our arms sometimes, he also will fall asleep after being put down for some naps and occasionally after a very early morning feed.

He's really noticing things - people, tv's, listening to whoever is talking.  He also likes to "talk" to us with his little noises.

He had his first big laugh and continues to laugh a little bit but smile a lot.

He celebrated his first Valentine's Day and even got a few Valentine's!

He stopped by two business meetings at the office.

With the weather being so cold we spent many nights at home in January to keep warm instead of having to bundle Tatum up.

He watched his first Super Bowl and saw his hometown Philadelphia Eagles win! We'll leave it up to him whether he wants to cheer for the Cowboys or the Eagles but it was exciting nonetheless and he was in green.

He went to Florida for the first trip just the three of us.  He loved swimming in the pool, napping on the lounge chairs and dipping his toes into the ocean.  A warm weather baby for sure.  In addition to swimming for the firs time, he also wore sunscreen for the first time.

He experienced a bit more snow and icy mornings.  I much more appreciate the warm weather overtime I get the stroller out of the car in the winter.

I've tried to stop anything I need to do and enjoy it if he falls asleep in my arms, I know those days will only last so long!