Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cooking with Christina {Enchilladas}

This is the FIRST meal Derek and I made when it was back to reality after our honeymoon and an absolute favorite in this house.  We have it once a month. At least.  It's very easy and very delicious.  I originally found this recipe on the Momfessionals blog and tweaked it a little. This can easily be doubled, tripled, frozen, delivered to a friend, etc.

About a pound of beef (can be a little more)
Package of tortillas
One can cream of mushroom soup
One can enchilada sauce
Bag of mexican cheese
Package taco seasoning 

Start out by browning the beef as well as mixing taco seasoning in.  I usually use about 3/4 of the bag.  If you have a helper in the kitchen, this is a great job for them.  Derek's usually in charge of browning the beef if we're cooking together.
 Next up, my FAVORITE part of the whole recipe, combine the one can of cream of mushroom soup and the one can of enchilada sauce and mix well.
Once the beef is done browning, after draining it, mix a couple handfuls of cheese in with it.  Use your judgement for how much cheese you'd like.  (I forgot this step once and this meal was NOT the same, this is key).
 Make sure you spray pam in the bottoms of the pan.  DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP.  I forgot the first two times we made this and it was a pain getting the enchiladas out.  Once we remembered the pam I swear they tasted better too because that delicious sauce didn't get stuck to the pan, it came out with the enchilada.

Spread a little bit of the sauce on the bottom of the pan.  You can use any dish size really, I usually use a 9x13 - the enchiladas usually roll up really nicely in this size.  When reheating if it's just a couple (about four) they fit really nicely in a 8x8 pan.
 Put a couple spoonfuls of the beef/cheese mixture in a tortilla, roll it up and place it in the pan.  See, so simple.  Place the open end on the bottom of the pan if possible, it will stick to the sauce a little bit and keep it together so it doesn't fall out. This will usually make about 7-9 enchiladas.  On this night I wasn't as generous with filling the mixture into the enchiladas because I knew we wanted to use this the next day for leftovers.
 Pour that delicious sauce over the roll ups, make sure you coat everywhere and let if fall down the sides as well.  This is seriously my favorite part and makes the meal taste so good.  Next sprinkle some cheese on top of the sauce - as little or much as you want.

Put this dish into the oven for about 25-30 minutes at 350.  Sometimes we eat just the enchiladas, sometimes we eat them with rice, sometimes beans, or both!
 This is a terrible picture but I was so excited when the meal was ready, we ate dinner immediately after it came out of the oven!
We've been using the big tortillas but I think next time I might try doing a bunch of smaller ones.  Another tip for reheating that I tried last week (if you love the sauce as much as I do) is rub on a little bit more of the sauce, it makes it seem like it's fresh out of the oven instead of being reheated!  
Enjoy the deliciousness!


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