Monday, June 30, 2014

July Bucket List

July Bucket List
June was crazy with wedding appointments, the bridal shower and the house, here's to hoping that July is a little bit quieter (which I'm doubting since we're out of free weekends until October)
Fourth of July
a 3 1/2 day weekend with no wedding planning and no house to do's but just relaxation - Amen!  Well it won't be all relaxation {we've got a lot planned} but it will be all fun things! I've really begin to love Fourth of July and all that goes with it!

Bachelorette Party
I can't wait to head down to Charleston at the end of the month for a weekend away with my best friends and my bachelorette party!

on that note, I'm also really excited for Derek's Bachelor Party Weekend - which for me means, a quiet weekend at home with nothing (aka probably a lot of wedding planning/house setting up) to do  but it'll be nice to have a guaranteed quiet weekend since his is the weekend right before mine.

House Work
Hopefully by the end of the month we should have painted walls, furniture in place (or coming very soon) and have a few decorations up!  Most of the decorating we'll do after the wedding so we can pick out things that both of us really want in the house - I'd rather take my time and get it right with things we want to have in there.

A couple fun date nights
Since weekends are so busy we're going to make more of an effort to fit in a couple week night date nights this month!  Hopefully one in the city and at the new movie tavern that just opened up!

Xo C

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites & Audra and Rosalia's Visit

Friday Favorites 
This week was all about the Bridal Shower, if you missed the past posts, click here:
The Jordan Puppies surprised Nash for a playdate
Nash went on to get a massage after his play date
Mom loves Kendra Scott Too!
Nash & I took in a little sun before the crazy weekend started on Friday
Derek & I making our signs for the airport pickup
Saturday was national Wear Lilly Day - how fitting for my bridal shower weekend!
The rest of the gang went to Double Edge after they visited us at the hotel on Saturday
Trying to go through the presents and get organized - Nash didn't understand why he wasn't allowed in

Sunday night with Audra & Rosalia
Since Audra & Rosalia were flying we got to spend some more time with them on Sunday night too!
 We went into Media after the Shower After Party for a stroll up and down State Street while we waited for our pizza

 So glad I still had one friend left in town and the weekend wasn't quite over yet!

 Our little post weekend pizza party on the deck

 We found some of mine & Davey's old toys in the basement for Rosalia to play with

Xo C

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bridal Shower: Part Three

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{Gift Opening}
I was so taken back by the generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness that went into the shower gifts!  I was so glad to have my bridesmaids up there to help me!

 I was having a great time with my best friends

 I will forever remember Deanna when I use my pasta scoop since in college I went running into her apartment asking to have the utensil that looked like "this" (I made a claw shape with my hand)

 The girls did a great job showing off the items to the guests
 Queen G's card was definitely a keeper

 Seriously such models..

 Love the excitement in this photo when opening up Grandma's gift
 I was loving the girls poems on the wine bottles

 All our bedding from Mom
 I love this photos with Mom and all the girls surrounding me
 Such a special moment - Grandmom couldn't make it since she broke her hip last week but Irene brought one of Grandmom's favorite necklace's to pass down to me - such a special gift, Mom had to tell the room about it because I didn't think I could
 Amanda did a great job with my bow bouquet

{The Groom}
 My sweet groom strolling in for the last little bit
 He's the best!

{Post Shower Drinks at Tavolas}
We have got to take advantage of Tavolas more often!  After the shower a bunch of us went up to the outdoor bar there and took over the cutest little area overlooking the golf course

 Maid of Honor and the Bride

 Love them all so much!

 She's so fabulous!

 They all probably really needed those beers after all their tasks that day

 Classic Advice Shot
 Queen B and the boys
Celebratory Drinks after all their hard work
 The buttons the girls got were the cutest

 Cheers Again!
So blessed to have all these girls come to town
 Classic Husband/Wife (almost) handing over the credit card
 Sad saying goodbye to my Jersey girls

 How we all were feeling by Sunday night - wiped out
 The time Sam left her trunk open the whole time...

 {Gifting to the Girls}

A little thank you to Mom and the girls for hosting my shower - I gave each a monogram tote bag and hanger for the big day with some fake bright flowers

My flowers from the groom

That's a wrap on the Bridal Shower details; it was truly the best day, one that I'll never forget - I loved everything about it and couldn't have asked for more

Xo C