Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

La-La Land:
This is just the best - Seth Cohen & Blair Waldorf got married (very under the radar).  Read the wedding announcement (Blair and Seth's - not Adam and Leighton's) here
Queen Olivia is back in all her glamour and glory.  After two months of no Scandal episodes, it's back - for eight straight weeks. best news ever.
The worst season of the Bachelor, ever. Juan Pablo shot himself in the foot when he made those gay comments earlier in the season. 

Reasons this season stinks: Juan Pablo can't speak English, at all.  All the girls refer to him by his first and last name, Juan Pablo. Nobody can keep the spoilers a secret this season . . .
Including Juan, himself and Renee slipping up, also Everyone's favorite host ruined the finale when he said Clare and Nikki will probably end up "liking" each other at the After the Final Rose Special. Duh, Chris only the final two attend that.
Christina Land:

 This little gem got lost in the mix from a couple weeks ago - Our flower girl is ready to go!
We celebrated National Margarita Day!  Very little things make me happier than an El Gran night - can't wait until the patio is open.
It was finally warm enough/not icy to take a walk - can't wait for the snow to melt and the trail to be ready again. 
Nash has been BEGGING to be let out to sun bathe on the deck again - With our tease of spring weather on Saturday, it was finally time!  He spent most of his day out there smiling, sun bathing and wagging his tail with joy.
Finally a weekend with nothing to do but relax and get caught up on life - it was fantastic, we need more like these. 
The Media bridesmaids came over for a nice visit and to book our Bachelorette Party plane tickets on Saturday and poor buddy was feeling left out.
After family dinner usually I'm the one begging for desert - but not this time, I of course went along with it though.  My favorite frozen yogurt flavor, salted caramel pretzel, has made its way down from the State College yogurt shops to the Media shops - it's the best.
Xo C

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Month in Review: February

February is a short month and a quiet one but we did do a couple things this month...
Sam made her first official "Maid of Honor" visit to Media
 We had a Super Bowl Party: Great Food, Boring Game
 We celebrated Mom's Birthday
We celebrated Valentine's Day

We made a trip to New Jersey to Sparta to see Derek's family and Whippany to see friends.

We had too much Snow to count.

We we're loving the Olympics.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Celebrity Brides

Engaged the same time as me (I'm sure there will be a Part Two to this and I'll have to add more  before the wedding):

The Good:
Emily Maynard:
She might be on her fourth engagement but if I had to guess, Queen Emily, is surely going to have some great hair and make up tips on her blog for other brides to be.
Lauren Conrad:
We got engaged the exact same weekend and she's always posting planning tips on her blog. Best person to be getting married the same year.
Kara Keough (now Bosworth):
Sam & I love stalking this Real Housewives of OC daughter.  She has a great style and had great wedding pics to look at.  Her new hubby is an NFL player so that's another added plus.
Kacie B:
The cutest little southern girl who was heartbroken, literally heart broken over stupid Ben Flanik has moved on to much bigger and better things.  She's been engaged a week and I already love the pillow in her engagement pics and this book she posted, which I got for the upcoming FL trip.
Catherine Guidici (now Lowe):
Sure she's married now but she used some great emoji's and hash tags during her bride to be days not to mention the notes I took from her TV wedding.
Pippa Middleton:
If I can't get married the same year as Princess Kate then Pippa is a good second.  I hope my bridesmaids are ALMOST as stunning as she was at The Royal Wedding.  I say almost as stunning because Pippa sort of stole the show.
Jenifer Aniston & Jessica Simpson:
I love both of them but they've both been engaged like forever so they only partly count. (They also both dated John Mayer, which I forgot about until googling them at the same time - as did Schaena Marie, below, which I never knew about).
Whitney Port:
She's super stylish so I bet her wedding style will be perfect.
I could take take them or leave them:
 Scheana Marie:
The Vanderpump Rules cast is one hot mess, I wouldn't want to share any wedding tips with Scheana.  And she was one of Eddie Cibrian's mistresses #TeamBrandie
Kim Kardashian:
Her hay-day is over and this is her third? marriage?  Definitely don't want her marriage tips but I am interested to see how overly ridiculous Bridezilla Kanye plans their day.
Leighton Meester:
I love Leighton but she kept her engagement and wedding very under the radar (good for her for keeping her private life private) but therefore she provided no tips for her fellow brides.
Xo C

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christina Can Cook: Chicken Parm Casserole

Stay out of the kitchen while this casserole is in the oven because it will have the room spelling fantastic!

- Chicken Tenderloin Breasts 
- Olive Oil (Just a Drop)
- Marinara Sauce
- Parmesan Cheese
- Mozzarella Cheese
- Croutons

How To:
 Put a drop of olive oil in the bottom of the pan.  Cut chicken into smaller pieces and layer the bottom of the pan with them.  The amount of chicken is up to you - we used two packs of tenderloin breasts.
 Cover the chicken with a layer of marinara sauce - how much or little you want.
Cover next with a mix of the Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.  Use a 2 to 1 ratio (Mozzarella to Parmesan)
 Crush up the croutons.
Cover next with a layer of croutons.  Followed by remaining cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
Finished Product. 
We'll definitely be having this meal again. 

Xo C

Monday, February 24, 2014


The summer Olympics is always more interesting to me (and still is) but this year I found myself watching the events every night for the past two weeks along with all the roomies.

Favorite Winter Olympics Sport:
 The only event I ever really look forward to is Figure Skating.  It's amazing what those girls can do on ice.  I used to hope I would be in the Olympics as a little figure skating with my one foot spins and most basic, easiest of all jumps, which was basically a hop.
This year I really got into the ice dancing and pairs skating - it's crazy that they can do those moves side by side and at the same time. 

New Sports I Got Into:
Ski Jumping: I never really paid too much attention to any of the skiing but it's pretty cool that they make this look effortless.
Ski Flipping (not sure the appropriate name): again they make it look effortless
Hockey: who wasn't interested in these close games
I of course googled who TJ Oshie was
...and his girlfriend.

Sports I was Convinced I Could Do:
 Curling: Curling became a joke in our house because I never quite got the concept of it and was convinced with my shuffle board skills from practicing at Grandma's it seemed very similar and I could make the team.
Skeleton: I thought for sure I could find my way into the Olympics this way (watching one night I was even laying on my stomach on the floor and Steve said I looked like a natural already) and just ride down the ice on a board... Yeah Right, I'd scream my head off. 
Four Man Bobsled: The roomies had to remind me that I thought I was a shoe in for this team - I could just be an extra body in the middle of the sled.  This makes me want to get the toboggan out of the basement and have Steve, Davey & Derek sled me down the back hill.

Xo C