Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Treats Must Make List

Recently I shared my summer eats must make list and today I'm sharing something even sweeter - my summer treats must make list.  In my quest of trying new recipes, I'm highlighting dessert and cocktail/beverage recipes that I'm hoping to try this summer.  On the summer theme, you can click here for my summer bucket list and here for my summer staples.   I've already gotten the chance to try out a couple things from the eats list (which I can't wait to share soon) so I'm hoping to get to try out a few of these summer treats soon as well.

If you missed part one, it highlighted summer appetizers, entrees and sides - which had me craving a BBQ asap just to test some of them out.

I feel like summer meals need a nice small dessert afterwards and that my sweet tooth is more active than ever.  Who can say no to ice cream on a hot day??

Strawberry shortcake {via}
Smores bars {via}
Summer sand pudding {via}
Homemade ice cream {via}

Cocktails & Beverages
Best for last or what?! In the cooler months it's either a glass of wine, martini or beer in my hand.  In the warmer months, there are just too many fun cheerful drinks to try.

Strawberry & lime moscato punch {via}
Watermelon lemonade {via}
Malibu summer rose cocktail {via}
Beach house cosmos {via}

What summer treats are your favorite??

You can also find me guest posting over at Colors of Life  sharing one of my favorite things… hosting.  Be sure to stop over and pay Molly a visit!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spill the Juice + Summer Trends

Monday already - again? Who cares because next weekend is a holiday weekend, THE holiday weekend of the summer, I love me some Fourth of July festivities! This past weekend we cancelled our plans, stayed home because of the rain and ended up having a great little catch up weekend.  But, more about that later in the week - today on the blog we are staying bright unlike the monsoons we've been having...

Along with most of the ladies in this world, I'm completely obsessed with the pineapple trend going on this year.  I first shared about my obsession a few weeks ago and I still can't get enough of it so today I'm back with some more plus some.  Eating fruit, sipping a fruit cocktail, using fruit accessories - give me all of it!

Another trend I'm head over heels for this year?  Flamingos.  I got this hayden reis flamingo tote last year for our honeymoon (one of the first things with my new monogram - you can understand the excitement?  yes?) and the rest was history - I've been hooked ever since.  They are feminine, they are beautiful and I love the shades of pink.

*side note on the tote - I love it because it holds so much.  My husband hates it because it holds so much so he usually ends up carrying it.  Bottom line - we haven't stopped using it.  You can imagine my excitement when I noticed this pineapple version which also includes another current obsession, navy blue, as well as this accessory bag which could be used with either tote*



Keds pull on shoes / Kate Spade red bag / Casetify tech accessory / Pottery Barn cotton beach towel / Watermelon home decor / Mason Jar Candle / Watermelon Print Pom Pom Runner Shorts Pink


Top of my wish list for each?? Much easier said than done because I want… it all! 

Pineapples - the soap, the head wrap, the earrings
Watermelons - the candle, the tray and oh my gosh - the shorts
Flamingos - the ice cube tray, the shoes, the wine stoppers.  Okay, and the float.  I need the float for this weekend.  Is it too late?

This fabulous giveaway ends on Tuesday so don't miss out before it's too late! And don't forget to pop over to Medicine & Manicures & wish her a happy day to celebrate!

Happy Monday… 
On the plus side, only three more days to get through until the holiday weekend!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Month in Review: June

Last Saturday of the month means it's time for another month review.  I cannot believe that I'm reviewing June.  Honestly, it feels like we were just bundled up and complaining about the cold - well, that's probably because it didn't warm up for SO long but how are we already down one month of summer?  

We summarized the house and have been enjoying anything and everything summer like.  In our very neutral house it makes my hear happy to have these pops of bright for the season.

I made the two pups in the family some homemade puppy popsicles which have been enjoyed all month.  I think at this point we have just one left in our freezer - time to make some more.

Stella rocked her cone (how fitting that it was bright?!) for about a week and did so like a champ - I kind of miss watching her run around with her cone flapping along.  She bounced right back.

We got in a handful of family dinners and more than a handful of al fresco meals.  Derek and I basically decided if there wasn't outdoor dining, we weren't interested this month including many times out on our deck.

On the dinners note, we also started back up Dining Under the Stars for the summer season in Media.  Family dinners mid week do make the weeks go by faster.

We checked out a new brunch spot - on a golf course, of course but it was delicious - I sure do love me some bellinis & eggs benedict. 

In efforts to check some things off the summer bucket list we had a great little afternoon doing some strawberry picking

We only used our tickets for one game this month which was an unusual cool night in June which made for pleasant watching even though the Phillies continue to somehow get worse and worse.

My girlfriend and I hit the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale which proved to be a very interesting experience.  It was fun to try once but I'm not sure I'll be back.

On that note, Mom and I accidentally twinning in our Lilly - which actually happened a few times this month.

We had our best friends visit for a nice weekend including a fiesta, lots of cocktails, lots of catching up and lots of laughs.

We had a nice visit to New Jersey to visit Derek's family and friends.  While visiting we also enjoyed a nice day in the sun.

We met up with my parents and brother to go to a fundraiser for the local arboretum.  We love ourself some charity events and this one was a great time.

I started sharing some of my summer looks.  Dressing for the sun is so much better than dressing for the snow in my book.

To round out the month we celebrated father's day which included a few BBQ's and a day on the golf course.  My first time on the golf course - let's just say I probably won't be playing a full 18 holes again, 9 is more my style. 

Favorite Posts of the month

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Cheers to a great July ahead! 

Don't forget to enter this fabulous giveaway which ends on Tuesday! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Last Friday in June {Friday Favorites}

We are just one week away from a holiday weekend - amen to that! I can't wait to share some of my Fourth of July favorites next week and am so ready to celebrate America.  But until then it's just a regular old Friday over here and it looks like it's going to be a regular old weekend since the unpleasant forecast seems to have cancelled our plans but that's okay - a weekend to relax and recharge is okay with me!

Let's get into some favorites…

 Linking up today with April, Karli, Amanda and Erika

{O N E} Target Finds 

I have been loving Target more than ever lately.  After I read on Meg's blog about the cartwheel app I love it even more! Rompers and swim - bathing suit tops to match some recent bottoms and coverups - have been my most favorite lately.  I went into the store hoping to find this romper, which I did and fell in love! As a bonus I found this one too and it was a happy day. Bonus, they are buy 1 get 1 50% off right now so get to it!  

{T W O} Gardening Progress
I am really enjoying having my "mini garden" this year in addition to keeping all our flowers going and I thought it was time to show some progress about a month in - hopefully I'll remember to track the progress all summer.  The mint is strong, full and ready to be used - the zucchini we almost lost in the storm this week but it seems to be bouncing back, other than major growing no signs yet - and the cherry tomatoes ares slowly starting to show.

{T H R E E} Comfy Shorts
I love me some "comfy" shorts as I call them - aka no button shorts.  Usually once we get home from work we throw on sweats so I wanted to find some shorts that felt like sweats but looked nicer.  All three of these were perfect finds because I'd wear them out of the house too! The old navy linen shorts are most definitely a favorite, pretty much a new obsession.

comfy shorts
old navy (less than $20!) // old navy (less than $20) // michael kors (55% off!)

{F O U R} Favorite Pin(s)
Like always I love a theme so todays pins are all about a summer favorite - watermelon.  Margarita soaked watermelon?  Two of my favorite flavors? YES!  

{F I V E} Excited About
Anniversary trip planning! We are doing our anniversary trip in August since we'll have a weekend getaway on our actual anniversary for another wedding (but it's also back to the city we met, the first time we've been back in years so that's fun!) so it's time to get this trip planned.  Planning for a vacation is one of my favorite hobbies. 

How did you celebrate your first anniversary?? 

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Own It {Linkup}

Welcme back for another Own It linkup.
Own anything, big or little.
Have a confession session.
Things from the past week/month/yesterday or just in general.
A few, a lot, whatever you want.


I have officially become a homebody.  I used to love being on the go go go non-stop, going out at night until the wee hours, but now I am 100% most happy with a night in.  Out on the deck is preferable but curled up on the couch is just as fine too.  I love sipping my wine and other summer cocktails but I'm also loving some weekends to just get to bed early and to wake up refreshed the next day and have a full day ahead.  Don't get me wrong I am still loving my travel & nights out - just not every weekend.  Derek recently started singing the line of the new Sam Hunt song to me so whenever making plans we always now say "my husband says I'm a homebody, so let's just have a house party."

I've been addicted to shopping more recently then ever before I think.  I can't stop myself from "running  into the mall" which is turning into a weekly thing or from browsing my favorites online.  I mean how much easier can it get to hit the "purchase" button than when they have you save the credit card information.  I blame this on last summer being all about wedding purchases and then being focused on decorating the new house.  I now have time to get back to my true addiction.  

I'm a mix of shy and outgoing all at the same time.  When I first meet a new person, I'm usually trying to hide behind my husband or if we're at a restaurant I ask him to ask for whatever we need.  At the same time though, depending on the situation I am so outgoing even if it's someone new, if I feel a vibe with you I can talk forever.  When it's my family or friends around, 100% no shyness.  Again, except if we're at a restaurant or something like that - I'm usually not the person asking the questions.  Switching back to the shy, if I need to speak in front of more than about 10 people, even if I know them, I get SO nervous.  I can't do it.

On that note - I feel like I would be TERRIBLE at dating.  I would probably get so nervous, sweaty and filled with anxiety.  I would 100% test out dating websites.  I have had one serious boyfriend who you all now see around here as my husband.

I haven't used my gym membership since about April.  I cannot get myself into a gym when it's this nice outside plus driving there is half of my battle.  I do zumba every single morning - in the comfort of my own home :) And love walking outside as my workouts.  Sweating it out inside a crowded gym is just not my thing right now, but come fall I know I'll be happy to get back.

I  We treat Stella like she's our child.  Nothing is too good for her, we spare no expense, we base our time being out around making sure she isn't left too long.  She's a princess, we treat her like one and she knows it.  I think she knows it. Maybe not. If she doesn't come to work with me one day, I miss her and the day feels weird not having her around. 

I didn't go to Penn State, but I act like I do.  People ask all the time if I did, sometimes even Derek because of how into college football we are.  My parent's have another house in State College and season tickets so we base our fall season off football season, literally.  I have more PSU gear than I do my own school, well that's not that hard - I went to a small school. 

In the important conversations people have before getting engaged or married, I brought up Christmas and how I could never travel on Christmas or want to.  I think Derek was a little surprised I threw in something so little but to me it was huge - anyone that knows me knows I am completely obsessed with Christmas - I'm already dreaming of this years.  I need to wake up at home on Christmas morning - no if ands or buts about it.  Luckily, he was cool with that one :)

While we're owning it, how about a recent embarrassment?? 
We ran into the mall very quickly on Saturday morning (we had to be on the golf course for Father's Day soon after) to get a few things framed for the basement and I begged to run in a couple stores.  After nothing fit in gap I was rushing and threw my dress back on to run out and meet Derek and I kept asking him if it was pulled down in the back and looked okay because it felt weird and he said no I was good to go.

Fast forward about 15 minutes as I have my hands full of goodies (to be shared tomorrow) in Target to head to the dressing room when Derek came in to meet up with me and say hello by you know.. touching my butt and he says "wait, something is weird here, why are you wearing a dress with pockets on the butt, what kind of style is this???" I was confused and then we both froze and he said " Oh my gosh did you put the dress wrong" I touched the back and I did!! We both started hysterically laughing and instead of taking the direct route to the dressing room I squeezed between racks to stay hidden… not that it mattered at that point.  

Easy mistake, yes?! no?! The photos below are of the dress on the wrong way.

Ok, your turn! Linkup below.  If you missed out today, the linkup runs through Saturday so join in or come back the last Thursday (7/30) of next month! 

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