Thursday, December 3, 2020


For the first time since he was really little, Tatum isn't scared of Santa anymore.  He's very excited about "ho ho," the presents that he will bring and anything relating to Santa/Christmas.  

We tried a new Santa experience this year since things are a little different with Covid and it was the best start to the season - Tatum walked right up to Santa and had the best time.  When asked what he wants he just says presents so we need to work on that!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Holiday Weekend Scenes

While Thanksgiving is fun, I always love the long holiday weekend the best - lots of family time and lots of memories getting ready for the holiday season.  We started out bright and early Friday morning with Tatum's visit to Santa and a few other quick errands.

After a quick lunch out, we went to a local farm to get our Christmas tree - always one of my favorite days of the year.  Tatum loved running around the tree lot and I grabbed some things from inside the Christmas Village too.  That night we had a nice dinner at home with family, got the tree into the stand and finished up our decorating. 

Saturday was a very low key day catching up on all sorts of things, going to my brother's house to help him decorate, naps and celebrating our sweet Stella's birthday which Tatum was very excited about.

Sunday morning, our elf - Bernard, made his way back from the North Pole.  After our "North Pole Breakfast" we decorated our tree and enjoyed the day.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Like many our holiday was quite and low key this year but enjoyable and blessed as well.  We had a nice quiet morning getting things ready, watching the parade with breakfast on the couch.

I was a little behind going into the day so we spent much of the morning in the kitchen prepping our sides, baking for dessert that didn't get done earlier in the week and getting the turkey into the oven.

My parents and brother came over for appetizers, dinner, dessert and a full day of family time.  After a rainy morning it was really nice out so Tatum was thrilled to play outside. 

A new tradition this year was some Christmas Bingo after dinner - it was fun for everyone and prizes for all.  I've been waiting almost a year to start this tradition with Tatum and it didn't disappoint. 

Monday, November 30, 2020

This & That: Thanksgiving Prep

We always get some of our decorating done before Thanksgiving usually just leaving the kitchen/dining room and real tree for the weekend after but this year like most people, we started even a week or two earlier than we usually do right at the start of November.

A big run to the food bank shortly before Thanksgiving - each year things like this get more enjoyable as Tatum understands/notices more and has fun helping.

Operation Christmas Child - Tatum was able to participate in all the steps this year - picking the items, packing the boxes and dropping them off.  He made a box for both a boy and girl his age.

We did lots of turkey crafts during the month including these hand print turkeys that served as place settings for Thanksgiving dinner and a bit of baking too.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Christmas Toys for Littles + Favorite Sales

Happy Black Friday!  With so many early sales this year, I haven't shopped quite as much this week as I usually do (which is nice to get it done even earlier!) but a few things I did save for this week. Sharing the sales I take advantage of most this week/weekend below.

Our elf is came this weekend and broughtg Tatum an advent calendar book as well as an advent calendar to read each day with a couple new Christmas books to add to his collection. Sharing a few other kid friendly Christmas finds for this year too... 

Disney Advent Calendar Story Book / Hot Wheels 24 Day Advent Calendar  / Race to the North Pole / Santa's Christmas with a Mask (fitting for 2020 unfortunately!) / Wireless Magic Wand for Christmas Tree / 2020 Ornament / Christmas Water Coloring / Cookies for Santa

The sales and deals that have already been great this year have switched over to Cyber Monday deals earlier this morning and many of them are very good... 

For Her:
Lilly Pulitzer - $20 off every $100 spent 
J Crew - 50% off + extra 10% off your purchase 
Loft - 50% off your purchase (includes Lou and Grey)

For Kids:
Gap - 50% off + extra 10% off + free shipping
Janie & Jack - 20% off + free shipping
Ralph Lauren - 40% off full price spend of $125 + misc. deals
Pottery Barn Kids - up to 60% off and free shipping

Monday, November 23, 2020

Gifts & Stockings for Littles

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week - with so many good sales early this year, I'm ahead on my shopping but still have some things to look for.  Tatum's finally to that magical age where he's excited for Christmas and what Santa will bring.  Below I shared some favorites for boys or girls around his age of three.. 

melissa and doug grocery store / food set / magnatiles / little tikes trampoline and slide / kinetic sandmicrophone / lincoln logs / vtech kids smart device / vtech smart watch / play-doh magic kitchen 

Stockings have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning - I love all the little items that can be fit into them and again, with Tatum at a fun age, it's been fun browsing for items to put inside his.  Many of the items below we have and love, have ordered to keep him busy doing activities or were items that he'd like... 

toddler scavenger hunt / walkie talkies / binoculars / matchbox cars / play doh / woopie cushion / decorative scissors / nylon knife set for kids / mini rolling pins / mini sports ball set / markets setplay foam / baby shark finger puppets 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Shopping for Baby Boy

We're gearing up for baby boy number two in about two months and while Tatum has some hand me downs, it's fun to buy some new things too! Boy shopping is so much fun in my opinion - I love it all.

Kissy Kissy - This is probably my favorite baby brand and the high quality is worth the splurge. Their pieces are so soft and classic newborn.

Cecil and Lou & Smocked Auctions - One of my favorite places for monogram items - and matching brother items too!

Loozie Loo - This is one of my favorite little boutiques and great to find pieces from brands like Magnolia Baby, Nella Pima and the most darling accessories. 

Beaufort Bonnet - The sweetest items with a very southern look.  Monogramming on most items is available too.

Ralph Lauren - I loved this brand for Tatum as a baby and as he continues getting older.  Their baby items are such classic pieces for boys in my opinion.

For monogram accessories Monograms off Madison is my favorite and Monogram Mary has great options too.

Classics like Baby Gap, Janie and Jack, Macy's (First Impressions brand is really cute), Carters. The Gerber brand zip sleepers are the best for sleeping. (Also Target's brand or any zip sleeper really).

Magnetic Me is new to me this time around but interest to try the easy on/off technique of their clothes!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Second Trimester


The second trimester has come and gone and it was a simple low key one at that.  It took a few weeks into the second trimester until about week 16/17 for my energy to really come back and it's been good ever since.  Other than some soreness and growing pains, I've had a really easy time - I do take advantage of nap time with Tatum most days.

After the gender results didn't come back during the genetic testing and a quick amniocentesis procedure by 16 weeks we finally had our answer of "it's a boy!" and went into full blue gear mode.

Nesting is going on in full force - being at home so much from Covid is probably to blame - house projects, organizing, etc.  I've been doing it all and am running out of projects - up now is the baby's nursery. 

The baby's heart rate continuously stays around 140 - 150 and is kicking away.

16 week, 20 week and 26 week ultrasounds

We have one very proud big brother.  He talks about baby brother often and makes a note that he's a big boy, not a baby.  
At 20 weeks, though he wasn't allowed into the hospital, they still send home a big brother sticker for him and my 26 week ultrasound was actually the day before his third birthday and the ultrasound technician wrote "Happy Birthday Big  Brother" onto one of the photos which he thought was really cool.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

This & That

After being home since March (first picture sums that up), last week we had Tatum's preschool orientation and today - he finally had his first day in person today.  He went in no problem and came out wanting to stay longer!

Even though we can't attend games in person this year, Penn State's season finally started back up two weeks ago so we went up to Penn State for the weekend to at least enjoy one weekend up there this fall.

While being stuck at home we've done many house projects, I've been waiting on the completion of these rooms since the start of summer - we had our pantry done.

As well as the laundry room... 

This has been a busy week around here including voting in the election and also celebrating Derek's birthday - I can't believe it's November already.

We have some summer like weather in the days ahead so I'm looking forward to the boys heading to the golf course and I'm sure we'll all be playing golf in the yard with Tatum.