Monday, January 12, 2015

The Bachelor: Prince Farming

Another Monday, another Bachelor episode.  How would we make our way through Mondays without this to look forward to???  I can't believe this is season 19, I literally remember recording Trista's season on cassette tapes to watch after dance class.
Check out Five on Friday this week for any thoughts on tonight's episode but the first episode deserves it's own post, right?!

Last season with Juan was terrible, during Andi's season I didn't fully pay attention due to wedding planning so I'm really looking forward to Bachelor Mondays this winter.  Oh, also my new roomie is loving himself some Bachelor.  The hubs was really into it with me on Monday.

Let's Get Started...

Anyway, we have a farmer from Iowa and a bunch of crazies.  Sweet and nice Nick has some interesting choices that I'm sure will fit perfectly into Iowa.  Yeah right.
 For real 25/30 of these girls do not and probably would not move to the middle of nowhere Iowa.  Chris is for sure more handsome than I remembered (and Derek thinks he looks like him…) and he kissed a girl on the first night, woah, we are diving in full speed this season I guess!

That clique of mid-west farmer's wives ladies in the audience were so precious.

Chris Harrison seriously has the best gig ever. And he's great.

The red carpet with past contests was golden.  for the first twenty minutes until it dragged and dragged and dragged. I mean we can't stay up until 11pm every Monday.

I loved how they tried to spice it up and make the premiere a little bit different this year, props for trying! Half the limos coming first with half the limos coming later with no explanation was perfect.

Britt had such a good first impression, obviously because she got the first impression rose and she comes off great and I like her a lot but I'm not fully sold on the "waitress from LA" thing thats clearly code for wannabe famous.  Adding to that, Sam texted me last week that Jade (of course, another favorite) was out with one of the girls from Vanderpump Rules.  Can we have any normal, non Hollywood wannabes on this show anymore?!?!

I hope Chris finds a girl and it works out - he seems like he's really in this.  And having his shirt off.

Favorite Girls 
*In no particular order, I'll have a better idea after tonight, who knows I might not like any of these girls next week, but I think some will stick around*



Favorite Part of the Episode
I LOVED watching the girls spy out on the second set of limos arriving - they never do that!  It seemed so real.

Favorite Craziness
Amanda's Eyes. We were dying.  She also doesn't cook OR clean.  Those are two kind of key qualities for a wife to have.  No wonder why Chris sent her home.
The Flight Attendant Skit.  Too much.
How Tara made it through the night alive and without some throw up AND for impressing the farmer so much he kept her noticeably wasted.  I did like how she showed up showing her true self in the plaid and shorts and I'm SHOCKED that Chris noticed it was the same girl when she came back out in the black dress.
The onion girl, Ashley S. I think, I don't even have anything to say.  I have even less to say that smart, normal Chris kept her around AFTER seeing her crazy
Kaitlin,  who even says you can plow my field???  To a nice farmer no less.

Favorite Outfit:
Trina's Black Lace LBD

On the note of The Bachelor, I can't believe Josh and Andi called it quits!  They were so cute together.

Who were your favorite girls? Favorite moments? Favorite Crazies?


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