Friday, August 16, 2019

August Lake Days

It's the last month of summer and we've been just trying to enjoy it - be outside, do all the final summer things, etc.  Since August started we've been on the go.  We spent the past two weekends at the lake and last week Tatum and I spent a few days down the shore on a moms & kids getaway with friends.

Our weather at the lake the past two weeks has been wonderful - perfect sunny days and even slightly cool nights.  We've been doing classic pizza and salad nights on Fridays and appetizers/grilling on Saturdays.

We have one weekend left before ending the season - I can't believe it's this time already.  This summer has gone so fast but we've had such a fun doing all the summer things and loved our family lake long weekends.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Shore Part Two

Friday night we went to another favorite, The Windrift, for dinner before a little walking around and visiting friends.

Saturday we had no plans other than to beach it!  We all slept in, grabbed a nice breakfast and got to the beach late morning.  Tatum had a blast running up and down a sandcastle that was already at the beach and must have done it about 20 times.

We relaxed again during nap time (he didn't spoil us with as long of a nap as he did the day before) and then some more playing - it was a great family day.

That night we met friends for a seafood dinner on the water and then took the kids to do the rides and games on the Ocean City boardwalk, complete with ice cream of course.  It was Tatum's first time on a ride and he did pretty well!

Sunday morning we enjoyed our balcony for a while before it was time to head home.  It was a wonderful summer weekend for all of us.