Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh, Monday

Hello, all! I hope you all enjoyed reading along while I was away,  it's nice to be back today {sort of}.  After having all of last week off and having the best time in Palm Beach, today will most definitely be a little hectic playing catch up but I can't wait to share all about our trip {later this week}.  It was nice coming home and having the whole weekend to run all the post vacation errands, unwind from vacation, catch up and have plenty of extra Stella cuddles.  Also to be completely lazy!

We also got a new computer over the weekend so I'm taking time to adjust to that and with enjoying the gorgeous weather yesterday, I figured it would be refreshing to take one more day off.

Since I don't have much to share over here today - head over to Miss in the Midwest where I'm guest posting for Karly and sharing a little bit of sparkle...

See you tomorrow {and finally back to normal... I promise!} xx

Friday, February 26, 2016

Top Ten Blog Posts

We're just getting back from Palm Beach so I thought today could be a great day to peek into the past and share ten of my favorite blog posts and a couple of your favorites too! Truthfully, all of my favorite posts are recapping our wedding, travel adventures, tailgates and celebrating holidays.  If I shared all of those posts, this list would exceed just ten by far. {Although for wedding or travel posts, I encourage you to scroll the tabs above!}.  Here are my top ten in no particular order...

Top Ten Favorite Posts:
1. Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale
2. Casa de Sotherden: one year later
3. House guests: do's and do not's
4. Next stop: the altar
5. My bridal shower {and part twopart three}
6. Staycationing
7. Looks & Life Lately {1}
8. Gift guide: something for everyone
9. Melon, prosciutto and mozzarella skewers
10. Six months in: what I've learned from marriage

Top Five Reader Favorite Posts:
1. Popping the question to the ring bearer(s) and flower girl
2. Own it
3. Spring Entertaining
4. A peek inside our house
5. My home office

What topics do you all like the most?? See you next week! xx

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Want List

We're finishing up our vacation today and I'm soaking up all the sun I can before getting back to the colder temperatures.  {as always you can follow along on twitter or instagram}.  I hope everyone's had a great week and I'll see you back here on Monday! 

After taking a break from shopping once the holidays were over, I've been having fun browsing my favorite sites as spring things are coming about.  Well, I shouldn't even just say spring - I've been having fun browsing everything.

The gold pineapple shaker will hopefully be waiting for me when I get home - how cute would this be to use on the deck this summer?  I'm eager to get back into the warm weather florals and have been eyeing some turquoise items as we're heading to AZ in a few months and that is a staple color out there.  We keep talking about making our own guacamole and when we get back I think it's time to stop talking and start doing - this little tool is perfect to get started.  I love the look of the all black aviators - perfect for a beach day - yes? The Kate Spade tagline "eat cake for breakfast" is one of my favorites ever (cake lover over here) and cake stands are the best for appetizers, creating levels when you host, etc.

I'll have some favorites to share tomorrow and then be back for real next week.  Happy TGIT!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happenings {Winter Edition}

In case you missed Monday's post, the biggest happening of late is that I'm enjoying some extra sun and  taking in some warmer temperatures than those of home.  {You can follow along here until I'm back} I like to do one of these "Happenings" posts every once in a while because they are fun to look back on afterwards - especially this time for me with a little vacation twist to it.

From the archives: The last time we were in Palm Beach

What we've been up to:
I have to say - I enjoyed January and usually don't.  I liked being lazy at night, not having a super booked winter and the blizzard was actually a great time being stuck at home with just Derek and Stella.  Since the holidays, we got a chance to see many of our closest friends during weekend visits, Derek's parents visited to celebrate Christmas and we've had a bunch of family dinners and date nights - per usual.

Date night after happy hour in the city

What we're eating {& drinking}:
Well right now I'm definitely indulging in vacation food.  Hopefully some chips and guac on the beach and we planned most of our dinners ahead so some steak/seafood/italian for dinners.  At home, however, we've been taking advantage of the cold and staying in, trying out some new recipes {last week we did clams & linguini, salmon, pork tenderloin} and eating light - other than some date nights, gatherings with friends & family and such on the weekends.

Enjoying our favorite margaritas on a night out with friends.

What I'm wearing: 
It's to the point in the winter that I'm starting to get tired of my wardrobe and looking ahead to the next season.  Any new purchases and online browsing are fully focused on spring, brights and florals for me now {some recent favorite purchases: a couple tops - this and this. Some shoes - these and these.  Some sale items {well last week they were} this bright top as well as this kate spade necklace.

ready for spring - this top here

What I'm watching & reading:
Watching: Obessesed like all in obsessed with The People vs OJ Simpson, Loving this season of the Bachelor especially the final episodes because the girls are all great {and pretty!} and we've found a new obsession in Fixer Upper in addition to our other HGTV favorite, Flip or Flop.

Reading: Usually - it's slim - I just never make it a priority at home.  BUT, since we're on vacation I brought a stack with me including The Royal We {I started on our vacation to California this summer and never finished, ugh!}, Teresa Guidice's new book {I'm dying to read!}, and stack of others that I was picking from when we left.

I'm not a huge reader but I love enjoying books and such by the pool/beach

What I'm reminiscing about:
The last time that we were in Palm Beach! It was one of our earlier vacations as a couple and we were in a long distance relationship the last time so being together every day and just enjoying that trip was so special for us! I cried when we left, ha!

Another from the archives; We're hoping to repeat this cruise this week

What I'm excited about: 
I'm actually heading back to Florida next week! My parents are heading down to visit their friends and I crashed invited myself along and promised not to tag along too much, ha! Definitely some me time.  {Derek's going on a golf trip the next week so I felt like I deserved this!}

A pool day to myself? Yes, please! 

What I'm doing this weekend: 
N o t h i n g.  We travel home before the weekend so we'll have a nice little long weekend at home to get over the post vacation blues - maybe enjoy a date night, lots of home time and catch up with some family and friends.  We haven't had a completely "nothing" weekend since the blizzard so it'll be nice!

Time spent around the house will be the best

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Derek and I each have our separate trips so that will be a treat! We always celebrate St. Patrick's Day in some form because that's the day we met! I'm not super happy about Easter being early to dress for {it's always hard to find a great Easter Sunday dress for the cold weather} but I love celebrating the reason of the holiday and I think we're aiming to host a small Easter Eve dinner again this year in addition to the regular Easter Sunday celebrations.  Other than that not much is planned so it'll be nice to just be free to do whatever we want at home.

Oh, and daylight savings - I don't even mind loosing the hour - it'll be great to have that extra sunlight back!

Half of the dessert table last Easter Eve

Past Happenings Posts:
October Edition
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top Ten Travel Products

Happy Tuesday! In case you missed yesterday's post, I'm enjoying being on vacation time today {you can follow along via instagram or twitter until I'm back} so I'll get right into it today.

It seems that so many people right now are either gearing up for a trip, traveling right now, just getting home from vacation, planning a trip, etc.  So I thought it would be a good time to share my top ten items that I never travel without.

I always like to make sure I bring the right stuff on a trip but don't like wasting a lot of time packing.  I have a typed out spreadsheet of packing items that I always use and then just alter it to fit the trip {if were not going to a beach, I just take that section out.  If we're going to really be sightseeing, I add extra in.  Etc.}  Of course packing up clothes, makeup, cute {but minimal} jewelry, a nice pool bag and camera are all essential but through experience I've learned that I can't live without the items below.

1. iPad:  We usually go into a vacation with a pretty set itinerary so we can get the most out of our time there.  Even if the itinerary is "beach day" we've got a game plan.  Usually our meals are set out too so we can try out some of the best restaurants but sometimes we leave a night or two free to go off concierge recommendations or a place we might have seen.  Enter, the iPad - it's nice to have a small device to do research on plus it passes time on the plane.

2. Backup Phone Charger: Game changer.  These little chargers are the best invention because whether your taking pictures, answering emails, making phone calls or just plain searching instagram, it comes in handy.  A lot of the time you can be away from your room for an entire day on a vacation plus extended travel time so Derek and I each carry one and have used them countless times. (I love this one)

3. Headphones: Am I the only one that always forgets these?? I only use headphones at home for the gym or walks and I leave them in my car so I don't forget, of course.  They come in quite handy on the airplane - whether listening to movies or music - or not.  Also, if you just want to listen to some music on the beach, get a workout in - then you have them handy. (these are just for traveling and these I use all the time)

4. Tan Towels: Obsessed. I use these maybe once a week at home to get a little glow but bringing them along on trip is great - especially early on, in the off season {like now!} if you want to look like you've already gotten a little bronze. (obsessed with these)

5. Travel Bathroom Sprays:  Whether your traveling with husband, friends, family, etc.  it's nice to have a little travel spray {poo-per-i and yankee candle sprays are my favorite} because let's face it, it's a shared bathroom.

6. Comfortable Shoes: Two in this category - sneakers and flip flops just for the beach.  I've been on too many trips where my feet were just exhausted from walking {one time at Disney Derek and I walked so much - in flip flops - we could barely walk the next day our feet were so sore!  I had to buy sneakers.} and have learned my lesson.  Whether I think I will need them or not - sneakers are in the suitcase.  Plus if it's overcast or we have extra morning time, I do like to try to get a quick workout in.  Second up, comfortable beach flip flops.  A pair just for pool/beach is great because they can get wet/sandy/etc. and not matter.  In addition, lots of resorts are very big - you don't want to be walking all across the property in sandals that will leave you with blisters.

7. Face Wipes: To be quite honest - sometimes on vacations face wipes are the only thing that goes into my face washing routine at night - with a splash of water.  I also bring extra because sometimes we'll be out in the morning then head to the pool/beach and I want to quickly get my makeup off or just use as a refresher after being out in the sun. (neutrogena is my favorite brand for these)

8. Glasses/Sunglasses: Especially when traveling in the winter, these are so easy to forget.  I like a variety of a couple pairs - you can leave one in the beach bag, one in the purse, have an extra, etc.  I also wear glasses, just for distance but if you're on a sightseeing tour or at a sporting event or something then you find yourself wishing you had them so I try to remember just in case.

9. Moisturizer: All that time in the sun.  Need I say more?  I feel like my face just soaks it right up and I'm constantly reapplying. (the only one I love)

10. Magazines: Okay, this one isn't really a necessity but a treat.  I used to get them all the time in the grocery checkout line and the next week's edition would come out and I still hadn't gotten around to reading the last one.  It's a great way to pass the time on the plane or a guilty please to enjoy under an umbrella poolside.

Extra:  We've recently started traveling with snacks and breakfast bars - we aren't huge breakfast people but need a little something in the morning to hold us over until lunch on the beach {just in the beach mindset since that's where we are now}.

What are you're can't live without items??

Monday, February 22, 2016

Palm Beach-ing

Happy Monday, all! This one isn't so bad because Derek and I headed down to Palm Beach over the weekend for a little getaway.  I'll have a couple posts coming your way this week while we are gone and even though we won't be away the whole week, I'll see you back here next Monday.  You can of course follow along on Instagram or snap chat {miss_tinalea} until I'm back.

If you're looking for a little more reading material around here today, be sure to check out the travel tab above and take a peek at some of our previous travel adventures.

Palm Beach was of course home to miss Lilly Pulitzer herself.  While she isn't with us anymore, you can take a peek around her daughter's house here.  A guide of what to wear morning, afternoon and night via Lilly standards is right here.  For some quick guides of recommendations in Palm Beach, my favorites are here, here and here.

See you next week! xx

Friday, February 19, 2016

Loving This Week: Resort Style

I think just about everyone is over the winter cold.  Yes?  It seems as though people are either jetting off on winter vacations, prepping for spring travels or planning summer getaways.  'Tis the season of quiet to plan travel adventures.

I have two warm getaways quickly approaching and resort style is always on my mind.  I'm trying to   mostly stick to my clothes from last summer but it's hard to ignore all the fresh styles for this upcoming season.

Beach dresses are my favorite item to pack; they can last you all day whether on the beach, at the pool bar or even doing activities around the resort.  Bright jewelry, especially a tassel, is something I can't seem to take my eye off this year.  Tassels on purses too - love!  Fringe sandals can match any outfit and is another trend I can't stay away from.  I'm a sucker for bright makeup cases and pool bags - how can you say no?  I'm loving how feminine the gorgeous one pieces that keep hitting the shelves are.  Floral dresses never go out of style and can easily fill much of my suitcase.  Sunglasses and beach hats the perfect accessory to round out your packing; you can't beat the sun without them.

Other Happenings:
+ People magazine ranked all of the vacations of the Real Housewives (from all cities) by most dramatic.  It was an interesting read but also definitely had me adding some future locations to our wanderlust list.

+ The Bachelor is really heating up and Chris Harrison gave a few interviews recently.  Here about what he does during the dates and here about how long he just renewed his contract for (hint - The Bachelor is still safe for at least five years!) On the note of the show, this workout would definitely burn a lot of calories as many enjoy lots of sips of wine during each episode.

+ There were a lot of questions about where I got the glass containers for the nacho bar I shared earlier this week.  They can be found right here and my other set here (and are just $9.99/$14.99 for a set of four!)

+ I didn't even watch the Grammy's (oops!) but were Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood not ah-mazing?? Two of my favorites (video here)

+ This is not intentionally so TV/Gossip/Entertainment heavy but just one more thing for today in that category.  I think most people are just as obsessed as I am with the O.J. series.  This article gives some behind the scenes details of filming and such.

+ Holly recently shared a beef tenderloin with blue cheese sauce (yum!) that looks delicious and Emily shared some chili braised pork chops that look like a fantastic meal.  Finding new recipes makes our weeknight cooking much more enjoyable!

Happy weekend everyone.  Cheers! xx

Thursday, February 18, 2016


With some recent new faces popping around here, I thought I'd share a little Q&A so if you're new you can learn about the person behind the blog and if you're been reading here a while then maybe you'll just learn something new.  I meant to do something like this just after the holidays but then the lazies of winter set in but better late than never, right??

Makeup item?
Bronzer is my go to.  Some work days (and especially in the summer) I just throw on a little eye liner, bronzer and head out the door.  My favorite item though is lipstick - I feel like you don't look completely made up until the lips are done and most of the time I'm wearing YSL color 26 rose libertin and Sephora brand rouge shine color 18 just dating on top.

Cocktail of choice?
Pinot Grigo.  I love my wine and I'll switch it up with other whites but I'm not a red girl.  If I'm feeling adventurous I'll go for a martini.  One of our favorite date nights is running out to grab a drink before dinner or enjoying a drink at our home bar (I'll be sharing soon).

Vacation destination - repeat?
My favorite vacation was definitely our honeymoon in Bora Bora.  But my repeat destination is definitely California.  We love the area and have such fun there so we've been trying to make a point to go once a year - to our favorite places in Beverly Hills for part of the trip paired with a different place that we've never been before for the other part.

Vacation destination - wanderlust?
To be very honest, I'm much more of a domestic traveler international.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places that I want to travel to overseas - London being at the top of the list but there are so many amazing resorts here that have me in this mindset for the time being.

The answer to this question really does change frequently - like  by the month - but right now the top of my big trip list is Hawaii.  And if we're being honest, I've already been but I really want to go back :)

Where did you go college?
I went to a huge school out west - the University of Arizona. No no, I'm just kidding but I ALMOST did.  Almost as in my mom mailed in my dorm room papers and deposit then when I got cold feet about going so far she had to undo it.

I had good intuition because where I actually went was Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island and I still got a little homesick there.  5-6 hours in the car  beats 5-6 hours in the air though.  I didn't have school on Fridays, the only year in the dorms every room had a private bathroom, I made the best of friends, was the president of my sorority my final semester and even met my husband (and four of my bridesmaids!)

How did you meet Derek?
We met in college.  I'll get into the specifics later (the date might be coming up) but his original plan wasn't for JWU either - he transferred in.  God is so good isn't He?? We talk all the time about where we'd be or what would have happened if we each went with our initial college plans.

What type of dog is Stella?
I get this question a lot and she's a F-1 mini goldendoodle.

How did she get her name?
We always knew after a wedding would bring a puppy for us and joked that we'd call her Stella after Derek's favorite beer - Stella Artois.  When we found a puppy to get (which happened pretty quickly) we didn't give it a second thought.

Room in the house?
My office or the kitchen - I love relaxing in my office chair watching TV but we have an open kitchen so I love being in there yet still being near the family room.  I also love when our kitchen is full of people :)

Off day routine?
If there's nothing going on in the office on a Friday then I won't need to go in.  My mornings usually start with the gym and/or Stella walk and grocery store then whatever errands need to be done.  Every so often mom and I will do a little shopping or I'll do what needs to be done around the house and every few weeks that's a deep clean.  I do love my home office so it's not rare to be home another day of the week too.

Can you cook?
Yes, but most definitely not gourmet, elegant meals.  We're talking simple casserole, crockpot, on the stove, few ingredient dishes.  But I have fun doing it, we like how it tastes and that works around here!

My favorite thing to serve up for guests is appetizers, if you couldn't tell from the endless list I share.

Flower type?
Roses.  Sweet, simple and classic.

Date nights, my favorite.
Traveling, of course.
Celebrating holidays, literally any of them.
Tailgating and cheering on Penn State football.
Walking Stella, my favorite form of exercise but if not that then some kind each day.
Hosting, especially my family and best friends, spending time with them too.
Taking photos, I love documenting all our memories.
Cooking and baking, but like I said only easy things.
Shopping, let's be honest - who doesn't love it?
At the moment… baths.  I'm addicted.
And probably a lot more that I just can't think of right now.

Happy TGIT!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Laundry Room Inspiration

We started building our house over two years ago and have been living here for about a year and a half.    When the house was finished, we painted right away since it was empty, shorty after came all of the furniture and then that was it for a while - we finished building just about two months before our wedding so paint, furniture and moving our personal items in was all we could handle.  When we got back from our honeymoon after a bit of a breather, we had a real focus to get this place decorated and finished up most things by just after Christmas last year and at that point.  The deck was furnished and set by the start of summer last year and we were pretty much done.

The only room we have left is… the laundry room! It's a nice bright room - the walls are a pretty light teal and spacious enough although not too big.  Since this room wasn't high on the priority list it sort of fell through the cracks but it's time to do a little DIY, organizing and decorating in there.

Dream room - Yes?

+ I'd love a built in shelf/rod/closet area to hang drying items - I air dry so many of our clothes that I'm always over filling our two drying racks that are already in the room. (or some of those drying racks that can be hung up and simply just expanded)

+ A hard countertop, probably on top of the washer and dryer for space saving, would be ideal.  It would also help me to fold the clothes right away and not let them just sit in the basket.

+ The room is already one of the brightest in our house (I knew Derek wouldn't be in there much and we can keep the door shut if people are visiting) so I'd love a rug design to make the room pop.

+ We have a utility sink but the wash area for feet/pets could be something to think about in the future.  I'm thinking Stella would enjoy a warm rinse in there as opposed to being dumped into the sink.

+ First up on my list, some nice decor, wall hangings and maybe even a new light fixture to brighten things up a little bit.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nacho Bar

I am a big fan of party bars - it ensures everyone can enjoy their food the way they like it and plus, they are fun.  Potato bars, tortellini bars, popcorn bars, ice cream sundae bars, etc.

Nachos are a great football food and for the Super Bowl I thought it would be a fun idea as something to serve.  I wasn't sure if I should just do a big platter with all the fixings or let everyone make their own from the start.  I finally decided on topping each tostitos chip with refried beans and melted cheese then to let everyone make a platter from that and do the rest of the toppings themselves.  The toppings really could have been endless but we went with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapenos, olives and chives.

This setup worked really well, everyone enjoyed and there wasn't a single nacho left on the plate - success!

Today is the last day to enter the Valentine's Day giveaway.  The giveaway ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be notified via email tomorrow morning.  Lots of love and luck!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekending

This weekend might have been a cold freezing one but we survived the low temperatures and it sure was a good one.  I kicked off the weekend by heading to the mall on Friday with my mom for a little shopping for some upcoming travel we both have.  The search was only for spring/warm weather stuff (like a couple tops - this and this) and we were able to find a few things each.  I was hoping for some shoes and walked away with these and these.  We have very similar style and many matching items - we picked up the same top on Friday as well as this kate spade necklace (new & 40% off!!!).

Backing up a little bit, Derek and I did a little early celebrating on Thursday night.  I went in after work to meet him at his office before grabbing drinks and dinner at one of our favorites - Ocean Prime.  The cold temperatures were really starting but we had a great time.

After a bit of relaxing on Friday night, we welcomed two of our best friends to visit for the weekend and headed out for everyone's favorite - mexican! We finished off the night at our favorite bar next door then our very favorite bar - Sotherden's Saloon - we stayed up way too late talking and catching up.

We all slept in much later than usual on Saturday but then headed into town for a leisurely lunch and some great drinks - my white sangria was amazing.  The girls did a quick Target run - with a couple matching items and the boys grabbed a drink while they waited for us.

We rallied and took naps then my family came over for a little happy hour so everyone could catch up.  Some light appetizers with wine and beer were out for everyone to enjoy.

 love that my dad is still my valentine too :) receiving flowers is always such fun.

We bundled up and braved the cold heading out to a cute little specialty italian place for dinner and drinks which was quite enjoyed. I think it took about all of five minutes to get into our pajamas and get under blankets when we got back.

The main celebration for the holiday was a friends brunch! We all four headed out to mine and Derek's favorite brunch spot (it's usually outdoors but they tented it for the winter so we were still able to have an "outdoor" meal and decided to forgo the inside for the more fun setting).  Brunch was delicious and we each had two plates.

Of course we couldn't forget our favorite little Valentine.  Stella was not left out and got a couple toys to destroy - which she wasted no time playing with.  My parents had already brought her a new toy the night before so spoiled is an understatement!

She was sweet enough to get me a card too! 

One of the biggest treats was a nice long nap yesterday and then Derek and I layered up to get Stella out for a quick walk before enjoying a nice dinner in.  We had some frozen meals from Maggiano's and paired the lasagna with a caesar salad complete with chocolate covered strawberries and a slice of cake to enjoy for dessert.  While the meal cooked we enjoyed some wine and gifts and finished the night off with The Bachelor 20 Special - a great way to end the night/weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend! Stay warm! xx

*If you missed the Valentine's Day Giveaway on Friday, make sure to enter here for a chance to win.  The giveaway runs through tomorrow at midnight - good luck!! 
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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday's Feature {2/12} + Giveaway

Is everyone ready for Valentine's Day?? I don't overdo this holiday (like I do the others) but Derek and I always do something (or somethings) to celebrate.  Last night we kicked things off in the city - which by the way was freezing - I don't think I'm ready for this cold we have in store this weekend (low is 1 degree).  We have some friends coming in to visit this weekend so we're all grabbing brunch Sunday morning then Derek and I are enjoying a night in to avoid the crowds.  There are few things I hate more than crowds.

Valentine's Day Blondies: {via}
When picking what to bake for the holiday I knew I wanted to use a trusty favorite (as it was an excuse to enjoy - we've laid off the baking AND the sweets since the holidays) and I wanted it done in advance to enjoy leading up.  Although, I did actually make a second batch last night too.  I was planning on sharing this earlier in the week (but then had too much fun enjoying the Super Bowl) so if anyone is looking for some extra holiday baking... you can whip up some of mine (and I think everyone's) favorite dessert - blondies.  I've tried a few different versions and I think this recipe will stick.

1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup butter
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 cup M&M's

+ Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together.
+ Melt 1/3 cup butter.  Add the brown sugar and mix well.
+ Add a beaten egg and vanilla to the butter/brown sugar mixture.
+ A little at a time, add the flour mixture.
+ Mix in 2/3 cup M&M's.  Spread into a baking pan (square or circle).
+ Sprinkle 1/3 cup M&M's on top.
+ Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  Enjoy!

Favorite Valentine's Links:
A lot of blogs have been sharing some great Valentine's Day posts in the recent weeks. Katie shared some great date night ideas (big and little) that would be great if you're still looking for something to do this weekend - or anytime.

Sarah shared a delicious and festive dessert trifle for the end to any Valentine's Day dinner (or lunch!).

I *think* Derek's finished up his shopping but like most guys he tends to be last minute.  If your man is still looking for the perfect gift for you BianaNatalie and myself put together some Valentine's Day gift guides.

For the fashion side of the holiday, Kristina posted about a great valentine's day look.

I've shared this before but I am obsessed with decorative toothpicks - they add the perfect touch to an appetizer, dessert, anything really.  The gals at The Sequin Notebook always have the cutest accessories also including these galentine's day conversation heart printables.

For the holiday of love, I wanted to share some love with all of you! One of my favorite new necklaces plus a matching bracelet.  Enter via the rafflecopter below and remember every link is one chance closer to winning. The giveaway will run through Tuesday, 2/16 and the winner will be notified via email.  Lots of love and luck!

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Cheers to the weekend & a very Happy Valentine's Day to all.

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