Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

What a blessed, special and exciting year 2014 was for us!  It truly was the year of the wedding with plenty of planning and festivities as well as the year of the new house since we thought we'd be finished building in March and didn't close until mid-July but the timing ended out being perfect!  

It was the greatest year and I don't think 2015 can top it but I'm quite okay with that!  I'm so ready for the peace and quiet that 2015 will bring - all the events last year we're so fun and we loved it all but it will be nice now to be out of the spotlight and live "normally."  

Last year was the first full year of this little ole' blog and I love having my scrapbook to remember all the "little" things from the year as well as some huge events.  I look forward to getting back to crafting and new recipes, organizational and home ideas, travel tips and even some fashion as well as still logging on to talk about personal memories!  Also, be on the look out for some more "Wedding Wednesday" posts with some of our professional photographs and planning tips.I've been waiting and waiting for "the quiet of winter" to hit and have some time to make updates around here and grow, link up with some other blogs and continue enjoying one of my "hobbies."

I got a little very caught up in all things Christmas so my December Review and  2014 Review as well as January goals will be a little belated and coming your way next week.

Up for today.. not resolutions but a couple little goals for this new year ahead - I have to slow down and adjust and remind myself what it's like to live a normal life.  Life was so hectic until September 6th with all things wedding, then honeymoon, then family weddings, Penn State Football and right into the holidays - Starting this weekend, we have stopped "planning" and ready to go with the flow.
Not many but a couple little goals for the start of the new year 
2015 Goals...

Be Home!!!
We've been talking about this one for months.  Just because you have a free weekend and CAN leave doesn't mean you HAVE to leave.  We love our little town and low key home life and want to embrace it; we've realized that it's okay to say no sometimes (we learned last year just how bad we were at saying no, always saying yes yes yes to everything and overloading ourselves) even if there's no conflict, you can't always please everyone and be at everything so this year we're working on saying "no", not planning more than a couple weeks in advance and trying our hardest not to make plans more than twice a month - it has been too overwhelming!  

Weekly Date Nights
Seriously, I said these were little goals, Ha! But we want to make sure that we for sure get a date night out each week - we we're aiming for Thursdays once we got back from the Honeymoon then got caught up, it was Derek's busy season at work, the holidays hit, etc. so whatever day it is, we both want to make sure we get in one night out together each week!  Or even one special night in, I mean it is the dead of winter now!!

Drink More Water
Six or Eight 8oz. glasses each day is a lot and I don't come near that!  I seriously have high hopes to work towards it though and do better with my water intake! 

Try New Foods
My husband has gotten me to try foods that I never thought I would!  Day by day I continue broadening my tastes and I plan to continue doing that this year ahead.  I also want to broaden my cooking and continue learning and becoming better in the kitchen

We get such happiness out of traveling and both love our travels.  2014 was filled with just one trip but it was so worth it!  I think a couple smaller getaways are in our future for this upcoming year.

Finish Up the House
We are pretty much set on the house; we accomplished SO much this past year.  We have just a couple little things left to do like finish getting things hung on our walls, working on the bathrooms (we skipped having them painted until we had more time), getting porch/lower porch furniture in the spring, a couple more decor pieces and up first.. setting up the office.  We purposely put these tasks off until the new year because we wanted to take our time and do them just how the two of us wanted and not do them just so they could be "done."

Giving Back
I had so much fun picking out items that the food bank really needed in December and Derek and I were really touched and affected when we dropped them off and saw how many people were in need and grateful to be receiving them.  Mom even made a donation in our names as one of our Christmas presents which was so sweet!  We also really got into just doing nice deeds in general and I want to make this a routine thing and continue donating and doing some other nice deeds throughout the year.

We've been talking about getting into "brunches" for months now - especially after church on Sundays.   There are a ton of brunch places in the area we've been wanting to try out and maybe one every month or every other month we can and make it a new "thing" for us

Do It, Don't Say It
It's so easy to just say you want to do something as opposed to actually doing it.  I feel like there's a ton of things (I actually have a "I'll do it in 2015" list) that I've been wanting to do and waiting for down time - we'll now is the time!  Possibly a couple new hobbies as well.

and on the blog front… Find a Couple New Blogs 
I have a list of about 10-15 blogs I've randomly stumbled upon and gotten hooked onto.  With linkups and more searching, I'm hoping to find a couple more to add to my list.  It's fun mindless reading and you can really learn from other people and find great new ideas on anything and everything.

Like I said these are just small little things nothing huge but I'm looking forward to doing these little things in the year ahead

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy and exciting new year ahead!


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