Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week was all about the holiday weekend…

Celebrating Nash's Birthday

Dining Under the Stars this week was at…
La Belle Epoque

Summer really arrived and it was time for this little guy to need his water bottle on our walks - except then yesterday we were in long sleeve shirts because it was in the 50's :-/

and... today the wedding is just 99 days away - yesterday was the big 100 days milestone.

Xo C

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nash Turns Four

Our sweet little baby turned four on Tuesday!!! But First…

100 Days until we're married!!!
I really get that saying "100 days of summer" now.  I can't believe how quickly time as flying; as much as I love wedding planning, I can't wait for September 6th to be here and for the quiet life as Newlyweds to come after.
Natalie Wagner Photography
Now.. Happy Birthday, Nash!
In July it will be just four years ago that we took a trip down to Nashville, TN to pick up our little "Nash."

Now he's a big playful four year old
We made Nash some homemade dog treats! Another stocking stuffer being used this week, the mix was put in Steve's stocking on Christmas.
We were all set to have a BBQ on Tuesday to make Nash's favorite - hot dogs (for him and burgers for us) but a pop up thunder storm came about and we pushed the meal to tonight instead!  We were still able to celebrate him with treats, treats and more treats!
Nash's birthday party supplies
 Look at that face - he can't even give a smile because he's too eager for his treats
 Enjoying his homemade treats
Nash playing one of his favorite games, finding the treats in the holes
It was his birthday - why not a second round
 Time for the main desert - Nash's frosty paw
The rest of us had ice cream cake and left over cookie dough balls to celebrate

Xo C

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Father of the Bride
On Sunday after our BBQ, we watched Father of the Bride
"I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say I do. I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition" - George at the very beginning.
My Favorites:
Franc: I can't tell if having Franc for a real life wedding planner would be the best time ever or super annoying but he is hysterical.
When Brian gives Annie a blender as an anniversary of dating gift - she gets so upset - I'd love it if Derek picked something off the registry, any item, I love it all.
When they keep the unnecessary swans warm in the bathtub since it snowed in California
The fact that "Annie" is now married to Brad Paisley
12 things you never knew about Father of the Bride
Since it is "Wedding Wednesday"...
I've got to hand it to Kim - this dress is a good pick, much better than her last wedding ;)
And all these flowers - I'm pretty impressed - although nothing screams super diva more than having your rehearsal dinner in Paris and your wedding in Florence - is that really necessary?!?!
Xo C

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun and relaxing weekend this has been!  I'm not usually home for MDW but it really has been a blast - I feel so refreshed, the weather has been beautiful for laying out and grilling out.  I am fully in "summer mode" and ready to enjoy all my summer favorites. 

Mom and I went out to KOP and shopped til we dropped! Seriously, there were so many sales - Everything we came home with was a sale item!  Other than a few home sale items we couldn't resist - everything was just summer fun items, not something needed for a wedding event
Some kids on the circle had a lemonade stand so we picked up two strawberry lemonades
We had some playtime outside 
Friday night we did a little more "furniture looking" before our first summer dinner at El Gran - we were hoping for the patio but it was crazy windy, there will be plenty more chances

I love watching Nash lay and play in the creek 
On Saturday, and every other day of the long weekend we got a long walk in and you could really feel the summer heat
On Saturday morning, Derek and I had a massage day at Massage Envy and came home to find Mom and Steve prepping the gardens for summer
Woah, Saturday afternoon was spent tackling this mess amongst DVR and relaxing
We went to the new Outback on Saturday night - you could really tell things were "summer quiet"  because we walked right in - we tried out their new patio for drinks and appetizers but moved inside for dinner because it got a little chilly 

It's the little things - I was in such a good mood on the way home from church on Sunday listening to music with the windows down
Nash and I worked on our tans out back
He was so happy it was summer too
It was all peace and quiet until Derek got home from the golf course
We continued the spa day theme from Saturday and got pedis 
and made a visit to the house

and of course we had our big Memorial Day BBQ  
and King Nash helping with dinner 
After the BBQ we watched Father of the Bride which we've been meaning to do since like February.

 We all spent Monday afternoon in the yard doing gardening, car washing and then enjoying the sun
 Car wash time

Cooling off zone

 Steve taught us about the mist option on the hose - how awesome, every couple minutes I'd ask Derek to "mist" me
It's frosty paw season
 We decided to go up to the Bar Level of Harry the K's until the sun went down a little and had a great time up there
 It was great to watch all the Memorial Day Pre-Game stuff
We went down to Harry the K's for dinner and then headed to our seats for the rest of the game!

Xo C