Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March This & That

It's been a while!  Like everyone else, life has been crazy - trying to catch up on a little bit of life (for my own sake) before the quarantine hit... 

Right at the start of the month Derek and I attended a fun night out in the city to benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at "Cheers for Chop."

Derek got in his annual golf trip that he's been doing for years a little over a week before things shut down so Tatum and I had a really quiet weekend at home - had I of had ANY idea of what was coming, we would have been out a little bit more!

We had been doing lots of trips to the library and Tatum joined the 1000 Books until Preschool Challenge - luckily we have a bunch at home to read through while we're staying home.

Less than a week before things shut down around here our best friends stopped on their way home from wedding planning and I'm so glad we got to see them as our trip to Florida next week together is cancelled and now the bachelorette party in May so luckily we got in a good visit while we could.

We'd been working on the kids "Lent Calendar" at church with Tatum with a different activity, bible verse or song each day - unfortunately now we haven't been able to complete it all but we were able to "do a good deed" and drop off much needed supplies to the animal shelter about a day before things closed down.  He also helped me stock up on a few grocery items "just in case" and had I have known his last trip to the grocery store was going to be 3 weeks ago - I'd never have believed it!

We celebrated my brother's birthday just as things we're starting to close - glad we got it in before things really got quiet - we usually see family a lot and haven't since this day so we really miss them!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at home - we aren't very big into the holiday but Derek and I did meet that day so we always like to do something a little fun.  Since this was the first week of our home stay, I was happy I'd picked up a few things earlier on to make it fun for Tatum.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Toddler Travel Bag

Traveling with Tatum is a little different than it used to be.  As a very active toddler, he needs lots to be entertained with on the plane.  I've started just collecting items and he has his own travel bag - I don't always bring every single one of these but these are what I pick from.

His favorites are probably the water wow, magnetic zoo and buckle learning toy.  Again as a very active toddler he will play with one item for a few minutes and then it's on to the next so having a variety is good!

I always have wipes easily accessible to wipe everything down as well as for hands, lots of snacks and just put any diaper items into an outside pocket of his bag so all of his items are in one place.

I also throw in simple things like crayons, coloring book, etc.  He's usually okay without toys on a vacation and just wants to play with whatever is in the hotel room but whenever needed these are also his "toys" for the trip too.