Thursday, January 8, 2015

January Goals

January is a quiet, low-key month and I plan to enjoy that and keep things simple this month so my goals this month are simple and sweet
1. Blog Makeover
I've been waiting for January when things were quiet for a while for this; a blog makeover is ahead - hopefully/most likely this month and some new series/post/link up's now that I have more time to dedicate to it.  Everything coming soon :) 

2. Further Photoshop Learning
I used to be very good at Photo Shop at one of my internships and in December I started to slowly pick it up again but I'm eager to continue getting better and more creative at it

3. Pickup on Workouts
I used to work out every single day. every day but I was also prepping for wedding season.  In the fall I kept up with about 4 times a week and totally slacked off in December and embraced/enjoyed the season.  I'm ready to get back into my normal routine of 4-5 workouts a week and some days doubles.  Once I can get myself out of bed in the morning for zumba or to the gym in the afternoon, I actually don't mind the workout, I get a ton of thinking and brainstorming done, it's just the fact of getting there.

4. Make Two/Three Home Cooked Meals a Week
Right after the honeymoon, we had so much fun trying out new recipes and having set dinners.  Then it was Derek's busy season, then the hectic holiday season and we ate what was quick and easy because there was no time.  Now I have plenty of time when I get home from work to be able to make us something nice so 2/3 times a week I'd like to have a set meal during the week with the other nights being left overs, pre made or quick heat ups, or take out.

5. Weekly Date Night
One night a week OUT for dinner together.  It can be simple or nice but one night a week.  For starters (depending on Derek's work schedule) I'm hoping for Thursdays.  

6. Make a Weekend Trip to Penn State
We are trying really hard to stick to our "no set plans more than twice a month" thing but we really enjoy relaxing at Penn State and taking in the little town on quiet weekends and now that we have hockey tickets, that makes it easier to do!  We want to get up for a hockey weekend this month.

7. Organize the Pantry/Kitchen Cabinets
I've have been waiting for January to hit for so long to get this done!  Our pantry and cabinets are getting messy and sloppy and I can't wait to get them back to organized and neat like they were when we moved in.

8. Make Major Improvements on the Office
We used the office as our "wedding room" to hold all the wedding stuff and started in on it after the honeymoon.  I finally found the perfect furniture at Crate and Barrel but it was on back order and we JUST got it right before my birthday.  I've got a vision and we either have or have ordered most of the items, it's just executing and getting it set up which I hope to have either finished or almost finished by the end of the month.
Another new change for 2015 is that I want to follow up on my goals from the following month. So here goes with my December Goals/To Do List…

Holiday Hosting
We had not one but two big gatherings at our house and a bunch of little ones so this was a success.  For our first married Christmas, we hosted the Family Christmas Dinner in addition to hosting some of our friends for NYE.  We also had a couple little family dinners here and entertained some small groups of friends in December

Christmas Cheer Making
We successfully made our first batch of Christmas Cheer and it was pretty darn good!

Christmas Movie Date Nights
I'm so glad we did this one - multiple times - we had a bunch of nights where we put phones/ipads and everything away and just enjoyed Christmas movies.  One night we made a date out of it and made Christmas Pizzas and watched Fred Claus

Family Shopping Trips/Shopping Trips Together
Living long distance last year Derek and I didn't really get to do much Christmas shopping together and this year we made a whole day out of it at KOP including a lunch AND dinner date and meeting Santa.  We had a couple family outings as well.

Christmas Light Looking
We stopped at Wawa to pick up my favorite hot chocolate and checked out some neighborhoods in our new area and enjoyed a simple night out together

We didn't accomplish getting our Elf on the Shelf or making Gingerbread houses but there's always next year!


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