Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Weekend Scenes

For the first weekend in December we seemed to do all the Christmas things.  We started Friday by going into the city to stroll through the Christmas Village, have lunch and then go see the lights show at Macy's which Tatum loved.

Afterwards we went upstairs and walked through the Dicken's Village Display which Tatum found a little bit scary and there was no line for Santa so we just went ahead with that which did not go well, ha!

That night the three of us went out to dinner and then met some friends for a local tree lighting.  The kids had a blast running through the park and around all the lights.

Saturday morning we were out early and headed to the santa parade - so far parades seem to be a big favorite for Tatum.  Afterwards we met Santa, got balloon animals and cookies.

We went to lunch with friends after then to Color Me Mine to paint - I picked a little Christmas truck for Tatum and he seemed to enjoy painting it - for about five minutes then he was done but it was fun!

After a relaxing afternoon, naps and a break, Derek and I headed into the city for one of my favorite date nights of the year.  We had dinner at Ocean Prime then it was off to see The Nutcracker.  We grabbed a new nutcracker to add to our collection and then grabbed a drink at The Palm before heading home to watch the Big Ten Championship.

Sunday morning we got some things done around the house and let Tatum play with this little Santa craft, which I thought came with markers until we opened it but he loved the paint so it was fine.

Late morning we went over to our country club for Brunch with Santa.  Tatum had a great time eating with his grandparents, playing with his friends and doing Christmasy things.

To finish the weekend we went to our town's little tree lighting and then recovered from all the busy.  Looking forward to more events next weekend... 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas Bucket List

Happy Friday! We've been into the Christmas spirit for a while now but I couldn't bring myself to schedule too many holiday activities until December actually started.  Tatum is at a great age for things this year and already seems to be very into things - especially turning on the Christmas trees each night.

We have so many great traditions, I feel like we add in new ones each year and I'm also excited for a few new ones this year and ones we haven't done in a little while.

Christmas Tree, Christmas Cards, Movies & Decorations:
We've already gotten to a bunch of these.  Our real Christmas tree was our last piece of decorating - we love the activity of getting a real tree but decided we're going to get a fake one to put in our foyer where we usually do the real one.  I do still want to do a real one next year just smaller and for another room.  Christmas cards are in the mail, the house is decorated and unlike past years we started Christmas movie watching much earlier this year and it's nice spacing them out.

Christmas Lights Night:
I can't remember last year if we had time for this or not but it's one of my favorite nights.  We always try to do it closer to Christmas though so evenings to do it can become scarce.  Tatum seems to be really into lights this year so I think he'll like driving around to look at them and running around a local park that's all lit up.

The Nutcracker & Other Events:
Derek and I always do a date night to see the Nutcracker in the city and I love that tradition, we also bring home a new nutcracker each year from the event.  There's a production of Elf at the local theater going on that I'd love to try to see and hopefully another fun date too.

Santa Visits:
I feel like by the end of the season we see Santa more than a handful of times and I love it.  I don't think Tatum will love Santa this year but hopefully he won't be too scared - he loves looking from a far and says "ho ho ho" when he sees him so hopefully it'll go well.  We're going to skip the "mall santa" this year since we see him at so many other events.

North Pole Breakfast, Sesame Place & Other Toddler Things:
Our elf has already returned and we're all enjoying it this year as the first "real" year of doing it even though we've had him since Tatum was born.  I love setting him up and Tatum shows a lot of excitement each morning at the new location.

Sesame Place isn't too far from here and going is new to us so were hoping to make an outing there this year as we've heard the Christmas displays/activities are great.

I have a basket full of Christmas crafts for Tatum to work on, we had a basket of Christmas books by the fireplace to read and he already seems to love kids Christmas movies - especially the Grinch.

Advent Calendar:
We have a countdown and calendar to "move the candy cane" each day but this year I got Tatum the little Step2 Advent House and picked up little goodies at the Target Dollar Spot or Dollar Store to fill it.  At first he didn't seem super interested but some days he shows more interest than others - he's most interested in putting the little daily bin back into the house each morning.

Things like sticker books, little books, light up wands, a santa hat, activity sets, snacks, etc. make up the bin to pick from each day.

Gingerbread House Making:
We never got around to this last year so I definitely want to do it this year after Tatum showed such interest in the Gingerbread Turkey from Trader Joe's last month.  We usually try to make Gingerbread cookies the same night and also have a Gingerbread Wonderland event at our country club.
Local Activities

New York Christmas:
I'm looking forward to our annual trip to New York in a couple weeks.  There's a few extra things I want to do now that Tatum's a little bit older and of course all the delicious meals up there.

Everything Else:
Gift shopping, cookie baking, family Christmas dinner(s), all of the wrapping, etc.  Glad that the shopping is almost done!  Looking forward to our traditional meals like Christmas Eve Eve dinner and Christmas Eve morning breakfast as well. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Holiday Weekend Scenes

We had a great time getting ready for Christmas this weekend. Usually this is my weekend to decorate the house but since Thanksgiving was so late this year, I had already decorated many of the rooms but we finished up the big tree, garland, the dining room, outside and a few little things.

We had a lazy start on Friday and then went to get our Christmas tree.  The farm we usually go to wasn't quite ready after Thanksgiving and didn't have a ton of trees out so we went to another local place and found one.

Our family came back over for a little bit and then later on Derek, Tatum and I went into town for a Christmas night as they had sleigh rides, carolers, etc.  It was crowded so we opted for dinner a little closer to home where it was quieter.

Saturday morning Tatum woke up to his elf, Bernard arriving back from the North Pole.  He doesn't totally get it of course, but gets it more than the past so I'm excited to do some fun things for him this year.

First thing up was decorating our tree, Tatum liked putting the ornaments on but also taking them off - I think he's past running up to the tree and taking them off now that we're a few days in... hopefully!   
We spent most of the day decorating and also relaxing - that night we had a family party as well as a party with friends so it was a busy evening.

Sunday Tatum slept very much in after having fun with his babysitting grandparents. On Once he was up, we headed to the mall for some sale shopping and lunch.  He came downstairs to find that Bernard left him some baking supplies - he loves doing the slice and bake cookies himself so we did that in the afternoon since the Christmas parade that night was cancelled due to lots of rain.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Monday!  We're coming off a wonderful long holiday weekend spent with family and friends being thankful and also getting ready for this next season!  Wednesday afternoon we went to pick up our fresh turkey and a few final things then went over to my parent's house for a Thanksgiving Eve dinner.

Thursday morning we were up early and ready for Thanksgiving!  Tatum was very into helping in the kitchen - putting meatballs into the crockpot, getting into anything he could and sitting on a stool right next to me watching me cook.  Once we got everything ready, the four of us settled in for the parade.

We've hosted for a few years so we have things pretty much down now... My mom and Derek's mom each usually bring some things, we have our usuals we make and we start with appetizers of cheeses and cranberry meatballs early in the afternoon while we wait for the turkey later on in the day.  Tons of pies, chocolates, cake balls, etc. for dessert later in the evening during the Cowboys game too.

We had both sides of our families and Tatum was not lacking for attention one second - it was a great day having everyone together.

Thanksgiving also happened to be Stella's fifth birthday - we had a little dog cake for her and Nash which they devoured - Tatum loves blowing out candles so he helped too.  This was one of our more relaxing Thanksgivings, everyone left by about 8:30 and Tatum and I were into our Christmas pajamas and on the couch for a movie - he was asleep in about 10 minutes after playing all day.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

This & That: Thanksgiving Prep

We're a day away from Thanksgiving but we're all ready for Christmas over here.  We never decorate early but did this year and I've really been enjoying it - might have to be a new tradition.  We still have to get our real tree and do a few more things this weekend.  Tatum loves turning the lights onto the trees each night.

While we're in the Christmas mood, we're still excited for Thanksgiving.  We're hosting but each my mom and mother in law are bringing items so the actual food prep isn't too hard.  I have the table set, serve ware out and Tatum helped get things ready - next year hopefully he'll be setting the table for me.

To get ready for the season of giving, we did a family trip to the grocery store to load up on items to drop off to the food bank ahead of tomorrow.

We also had fun putting together and dropping off our Operation Christmas Child boxes - this always sneaks up on me each year!  I'm looking forward to next year when Tatum will understand a little bit and can be a little more help in picking things out and putting them together.

Last night we put together our gingerbread turkey set from Trader Joe's and I'm so excited that this is the first holiday season that Tatum sort of gets and enjoys activities like this - he loved putting the candy on... Will definitely be looking forward to gingerbread house making.

Happy Thanksgiving! xx