Monday, March 31, 2014

A Month in Review: March

2014 is one fourth over.. hopefully some warmer weather will be moving in with April...
We went to Casino Night at Nick's school and had a blast - there's not many times you can just gamble for fun.  These three "kids" couldn't stop talking about it the next day - well done Aunt Alicia.
We made a weekend trip to Virginia to spend the weekend with Derek's family and meet his new nephew.
 We celebrated our favorite holiday
and celebrated Davey's  birthday.
I did a BIG spring clean out - some of those bags are mom's - inspiring Derek & Steve, I think.  I noticed black trash bags in each of their rooms last week.
We made more of an effort to always be home on Fridays and make "Friday Night Date Night" happen and tried a bunch of new places.
Steve, Mom & I made the annual trip to Fort Myers - but more on that next week!
Xo C

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

From the past two weeks...

 Best Buds always taking over my room
Friday I did a massive spring clean out of my clothes and junk in the attic - the attic looked much better when I was done and I had all this to donate!  My closet's ready for some bright spring clothes.
I was pooped after the big clean out and Derek got home from work late so we had a lazy night in with... Dominos!
 Saturday we went to KOP for Honeymoon/Spring shopping - Don't let him fool you; he ended up with more than me :-/ 
I did come home with a pair of these - I've been lusting after these Schott Zwiesel wine glasses since we saw them in San Francisco - they are huge and glamorous and I love them. They can be found here and will fit right in with the C&B set we registered for.
Saturday night date night was at La Belle Epoque
We did some preliminary furniture shopping just to look :)
A BIG find! He's been looking for this beer everywhere - found at the Beer Garden at Pinocchio's
Sweet little pup was home from State College and I came downstairs to find him with his toys set up like this.
Happy St. Patrick's Day - about four more inches of snow, just when we could see the ground again.
 I made it down to Florida for a great week of relaxation
{more on that next week}
Back home in Media on Tuesday night and reunited with my fiancé!

Also reunited with some more snow, of course.
Note to self: do more online shopping/wedding ordering before next vacation - it's great to come home to lots of boxes
Also arrived - some of our first shower gifts.
Just a normal night - relaxing with the boys.
One of my favorite parts of the day {only on days that I play chauffer} when I see Derek get off the train.
Right: He's the little spec in orange doing a big wave on the way to the car 


 Xo C




Thursday, March 27, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

St. Patrick's Day:

 Any excuse to celebrate - we love celebrating "our lucky holiday" - dressed in our matching green we celebrated the night before...
We went to Outback!  We had been craving it for a while after not being able to get in a few weeks ago.

Davey's Birthday:
Davey's birthday is the day right after St. Patrick's Day so it fits right in with this post!
 We went to the Moshulu at Penns Landing

 Desert Gone

 Mom & the Boys
 Steve & Me

 Nash working on his tricks before presents

Xo C

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Saving Ideas

Honeymoon Savings Jar
Count your pennies and dimes... literally.
Throw all your spare change in a cute little jar - when your conscious about saving coins, the jar grows fast.
Go to the bank and they'll give you coin wrappers for free.  It only takes a couple minutes to count out the coins for each roll. *If you take the coins to a machine, unless it's your bank (most banks don't have the machines) - they'll take out a fee.
Every little bit helps and this can turn into a great little bit of spending money for the honeymoon!
Xo C