Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Sale

I don't usually post on weekends - let alone Sundays - I mean today is the last day of break, there's some housekeeping to be done, some relaxing to be done and the Cowboys are on in two hours. Butttttt….

The After Party Sale starts tomorrow at 8:00am - Don't be late!
This is huge. HUGE. Lilly only has two sales a year - one in January and one in August
(They also have a great sale section in their store usually but it's personal choice if you like what's there)
Spring and Summer are right around the corner; it's time to stock up!  Last year two of my favorite Lilly Tops I got on sale in January and saved them for spring break/summer activities and they were two FAVORITES all summer.

The sale starts on Monday 1/5 (tomorrow!!) at 8am..
 this is also the first day back from Christmas Break for most people and what better way to *brighten* up your day with Lill'y fabulous patterns ON SALE! Get to work early, go in a little later OR purchase your must have items right at 8am then go back on at lunch time or tomorrow night and add in more

There's plenty of time to get your shopping in; the sale doesn't end until Tuesday night at midnight so if tomorrow is a busy day catching up on being off for the past two weeks and then you can't miss the premiere of The Bachelor, then there's still time

FREE SHIPPING!!! That's why I said above to get your favorites first, SO many times at sales I take my time looking and get everything I want in my cart and I go to check out and it's all sold out already..  there is no bigger bummer than that!

Like any big great sale - their site might be moving a little slow, especially first thing, just keep trying and maybe have your laptop AND iPad out and ready

From my researching, items are final sale (for this sale - not every sale) so check your order (quickly) and check it twice (even quicker) because there's no going back or returning once you've clicked "order"

Tip: Check your tags!! Sometimes your size at Lilly depends on the product - dresses you can be smaller than shorts, different tops fit different ways, etc.  so check your shorts/shirts/dresses/peasant top sizes ahead of time

Tip: Since there are no returns - this might be a great time to stock up on summer accessories that fit regardless of size.  I mean obviously all their patterns are cute even if it wasn't exactly how you were hoping it would look, it will still be fabulous and cute

Tip: Make an account (if you don't already have one) this afternoon so you can check out quicker tomorrow and Tuesday 
*Starting at 7am tomorrow, you won't be able to log into your account until the start of the sale so do this before then*

and again.. Free Shipping!!!

For more tips from the Lilly Website…
Frequently Asked Questionshere

I will for sure be getting my Zumba on early tomorrow morning to be ready right at 8:00!

Happy Shopping!!


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