Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Recent Amazon Purchases

Happy Thursday - almost to another "weekend" but I'm pretty excited for it as the weather is finally going to be wonderful both days here this weekend.  Like many people, Amazon boxes have been being delivered very frequently here - the smallest necessities to bigger items to keep entertained during quarantine and little treats in between... 

craft pom poms & dough tools kit: I did a recent order on some crafting items to use to do activities with Tatum as he's seemed to be into "projects" lately during our school time.

a summer affair word search puzzle book: In addition to puzzles while being stuck at home, I've started to enjoy word searches now too - I like that I can do them anywhere or outside unlike the puzzle in just one spot.  Lots of reading too - Elin Hilderbrand is still my favorite.

stainless steel 10 piece utensil set & meat/potato masher straws: A few new kitchen items to replace or add to old ones.  I also grabbed some new mixing bowls/storage containers for miscellaneous things.  It's become a little too easy to click on household needs like straws or toiletries to get at just a click.

velcro fastener 3 pack 5x7 white picture frames: We've been working on crossing little home projects off a to do list that hasn't been touched in a while - plants, rugs and changing out some picture frames/finishing decorating a final room we never got to after painting last summer.  The velcro is fantastic for a toddler who loves to take the couch cushions off!

dinosaur 12 pack with book: Most of what I've ordered for Tatum have been learning, crafting or activity items but he's shown a growing interest in dinosaurs lately and this set is great.  The dinosaurs are a good size and 

navy ruffle dress: It's been mostly workout clothes since we've been home but I've been enjoying Amazon dresses the past year so a little treat never hurts.

propane fire pit : Last but not least - this is our favorite quarantine purchase yet!  We got it right when things got quiet (now it's about 3-5 week turnaround but worth the wait) it's great to sit by, make s'mores, enjoy - we love it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This & That

Happy Wednesday!  I'm not sure why I got Tatum a mask since he hasn't been anywhere in public since mid March but better safe than sorry and he loves it!  

I think the picture below will be one I think of when I remember this time.  Luckily, we were well stocked on toilet paper but what a toddler activity for a time like this!  He colored all over his stomach in sharpie shortly after.

We've been getting a lot of use out of our fire pit and spending time on the deck as well as nice walks when it's nice out - which we've had an unusually cold April - hopefully spring hurries up!

All the little home projects and "to do list" items are finally getting done now which is a positive to being stuck here - one of the biggest to do's was changing Tatum's crib over to a transition toddler bed - so far, so good!

These blocks were a recent purchase and they've kept him occupied day by day - they're easy to quickly clean up and Tatum's been having a blast building.

Tatum's half birthday was last week so in efforts to keep things interesting and find things to do we got him a new little tricycle to play with outside and had a half brownie cake after dinner.

I've tried to find any positives out of being stuck at home and the memories are definitely one.  One morning at breakfast Tatum brought out a cape for himself and then one also for both Mommy and Daddy and we just went with it... he was so happy!

Lots of lazy days and downtime as well...

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Easter 2020

Easter was certainly different this year but we made the most of it to make it as enjoyable and "normal" as possible even though many times it didn't feel like Easter at all.  We spent much of the day in pajamas, didn't go out to church or Easter brunch but the weather was so nice luckily and we enjoyed what we could do.

One thing that made this year special was that Tatum was so excited to find his Easter basket and see what the bunny left for him - he ran to the front door looking for the bunny outside after.  We spent a while playing with his toys until it was time to watch church online.

Derek and I watched church online in the kitchen while Tatum mostly played on the deck and then we settled down for a little brunch - and egg/bacon casserole that we didn't love and a french toast casserole - both new to us as we usually eat out.

After Tatum's nap we got changed into nicer clothes and surprised Tatum with my parents and brother to watch him do his Easter egg hunt in the yard and since it was so nice out we got to have a nice social distant visit with them outside for a while.

We spent our final Easter meal just the three of us again - we'd split up some food between everyone to bring home and had ham, potato casserole and crab cakes which were all delicious. By the end of the day we were exhausted and ready for bed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter Weekend

While things certainly weren't as they usually are during Easter weekend, we still tried to do any activities we could at home and make the most of it.  First up making cut out Easter cookies then decorating them.

We did this colored sticker Easter egg - I think we'll do some more of these with other pictures in the coming weeks.

I was making deviled eggs for Easter brunch so we let Tatum color a few more eggs on Friday night even though he'd already done it - a total mess but he has the best time and since we've been working on colors its a good activity.

Saturday is usually our country club's annual Easter Egg hunt so we set up a little hunt for Tatum in the yard that morning and then grilled hot dogs for lunch.

Last but not least it was time to get ready for Easter morning - Easter baskets, filling eggs to hide for another hunt, preparing casseroles - a little different than usually since we always go out to brunch on Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Easter Activities

This year while we're missing out on going to Palm Beach for Spring Break, visiting the Easter Bunny, taking a hayride to the Bunny's house, the country club Easter Egg Hunt and many other things - we're still trying to make the most of it. We are staying home but doing our best to enjoy this time with a toddler who is such a fun age for it!

We've done a lot of Easter coloring sheets, coloring Easter eggs to hang on our deck window and a few other little "learning' activities.

We were so lucky to have a local play center schedule visits from the Easter bunny in your yard - Tatum still was not thrilled with the Easter Bunny standing alone but if he was being held and before/after the visit it was all "bunny! bunny! where the bunny!"  

We've been working on colors since we've been at home and enjoy hard boiled eggs so I figured we'd dye eggs a couple times - the first try for this year was a huge success - he loved it and things didn't get too messy.

This is recycled from last year but the "Easter Egg Scoop" game is a favorite again this year - except last year, it was a little bit more contained and less water on the floor.  Oh well, whatever works to pass the time and stay home these days!

We were supposed to be on Spring Break in Florida this week so we've been trying to do some special little things at home to make other memories.  First up was family movie night with "Hop" - hoping to do Peter Rabbit this weekend.

We had s'mores by the firepit earlier in the week and many other people must have had the same thought because all the marshmallows and chocolate were out so I ended up with a very Easter themed dessert using peeps and chocolate bunnies.

I made Tatum a couple "egg carton meals" this week for breakfast and lunch and while occasionally picky or takes his time, he seemed to like them! (and they were fun to put together)

Last night we did some cut out sugar cookies and decorating (more to come) but earlier in the week we did slice and bake cookies to drop off to some of Tatum's friends on their porches with and Easter chalk set from Amazon.