Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Break Favorites

I can't believe Christmas Break is almost over! I've completely lost track of the days and am in full relaxation mode - up ahead for us this weekend is.. very little!  I've been calling it our little vacation at our own home - we've got three full days with nothing to do (and by nothing I mean a huge house clean, a big grocery shopping trip, some house errands and getting organized) and a whole lot of relaxing, eating (diets start up again big time on Monday), naps and football.

Family Calendar
We received our annual family calendar for 2015 and after three weddings which provided a ton of family events this past year, it's a great edition!  Each year every family gets a copy - and once you hit 18 and are in college, you get your own copy too so we've got ours hanging on the bulletin board going to the basement.  On New Year's Day, Mom & Steve brought over a ton of old calendars for Derek to look through and he had a blast especially looking at some unfortunate pictures of the cousins growing up.
Christmas Cards
I was worried we weren't going to get any Christmas Cards since this was our first year in the new house - but I was pleasantly surprised with what we received - Looking forward to keeping these in one of the "Christmas Boxes" for memories for years to come
Emergency Landing
On Monday just after Mom and I arrived at the office, I heard noises that literally sounded like a plane was landing on our office roof - or in our nearby land (which in case of an emergency wouldn't be too off because we work minutes away from the Philadelphia airport) I actually walked over to the window to see if I could see anything.  Later I told Mom and she had heard the same noises - I was actually right and it didn't land "on our office" but a plane had to turn around and make an emergency landing at the airport because of engine problems and that is what I heard!  Happy for all these passenger's that they landed safely back on the ground!
Read about it: Here

Surprise Run In
I was pulling out of the gas station after getting gas (you have to get it when it's warm enough to go with out a jacket right?!) and this crazy pulled in right after me.. I mean, can you see his wave?!
Christmas Break Stay
We spent a few nights at my parents house since it was Christmas Break and it was a great relaxing time.  I got to join in with my old walking group (walks are my favorite workout and now that things are quieter, I definitely want to try to join their daily walk once a week or every other week - hopefully more once summer hits)
  I also got to join my old carpool buddy because we did do one day at the office over break to finish things up for 2014
 A cold took a few of us down - mainly Mom and Derek - Tuesday night Mom made a delicious batch of homemade soup for her, Davey, Derek and I (Steve was out at a work dinner) and I think it hit the spot for everyone.  Luckily I haven't caught the cold too badly yet (I've been "Emergen-C ing like crazy) and am just tired with a bunch of sneezing.
 I was longing for the perfect nap all of break and the chicken noodle soup night I got it!  I had been out earlier in the day running errands for New Year's Eve and getting some things done but I got home before both boys and fell asleep in the little room and it was for sure my best nap in a while - I'm pretty sure I slept so long that Mom checked a few times to make sure I was okay - it was even more cozy to wake up smelling the chicken noodle soup almost done.
It always cracks me up to see how Nash sleeps - I mean how can this be comfortable but they say he sleeps like this frequently on "his bed"
Spending extra time with Nash over break has Derek and I really wanting our own little pup - we'll see what 2015 might possibly bring
Fashion Favorites
 I've been loving my new monogram, new necklace that santa brought - I've been waiting a while for this one since it didn't make sense to get since until my monogram changed
It was a great surprise to get home over the weekend and find a package for me!  A birthday gift from my bestie, Sam - I love plaid and scarves and can't wait to wear this one.  The card was super cute too.
Christmas Undoing
We had planned on taking down our Christmas decorations this weekend but we got it out of the way yesterday on New Year's Day while we watched the bowl games.  I'm sad to see them go, our house felt so homey, but now we can get back to actual decorating and I can't wait to pull all our boxes (there are quite a few) back out of storage next November!
New Year's Day
Last but not least we had a great, but low key New Year's Eve (details coming next week) and a low key New Year's Day.  We said goodbye to our friends in the morning and spent a couple hours napping and then Mom, Steve and Davey came over for Bowl Game watching and leftovers, lots of leftovers. 
 Derek is obsessed with Oregon - I don't know why - but he even bought himself an Oregon shirt and tells all to "fear the ducks."  We all found it funny when Nash on his own picked his duck out of his toy basket to play with during the game.  I am officially on the Marcus Mariotta bandwagon and will be rooting for him and Oregon in the National Championship.
 We hung up our new bar sign that santa brought us and our bar finally looks finished and we love it and hosting at it, whether it's just the two of us sitting in the bar stools or a whole group - a wonderful wedding gift that brings us much happiness

Cheers to 2015


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