Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Father's Day

We had another nice weekend at home - our last one with no plans and home for a while so it was nice to take it easy - Friday night pizza night, lots of time outside in the sun and we had a great time celebrating Father's Day.

Derek wanted to golf so Tatum and I spent the day at the pool then he met us afterwards for a while to swim - it was a great summer day.

That evening my family came over to BBQ and celebrate with meats, lobster and many other delicious items to enjoy.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

This & That

Almost two weeks ago restaurants around here opened up for outdoor dining so we had our first meal outside in 3+ months and we all were very happy to be out.

We had another wonderful weekend at the lake - perfect summer weather, lots of relaxing and lots of swimming from the waters edge over to the dock ladder for Tatum.  He loves when Stella gets in and swims with him too.

I included this leaf blower bubble toy in an online order to get free shipping and it's been such a hit - we play with it outside just about every day!

On what should have been the last day of school we had popsicles and did a little popsicle craft that I had seen for our morning activity.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Weekend Scenes

This weekend was our first weekend home since summer started and our first weekend with options to do things outside the house in quite a while.  The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed all that we got to do.

Friday morning we went strawberry picking as they were delayed in opening but glad that we finally got to go especially since Tatum really loved doing it this year.

Friday night we went out for dinner outside and walked to get ice cream - it was so nice and refreshing to be out for a normal night.

Saturday was a low key day, playing outside and around the house, enjoying the deck and getting a little bit of housework done.

That night we went over to the country club for their first summer pool party and life felt normal again!  Tatum never wanted to get out of the pool.

Sunday was another nice day at home enjoying the great weather - we took a family walk on the trail and then spent some time getting a blow up pool setup for Tatum under the deck - happy to have this to use this summer since our pool schedule isn't quite as normal as usual.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Summer Bucket List

Things will be a little different this summer as we just reached the yellow stage on Friday and many things around us are still closed - I planned our summer bucket list this year as more of at home and simple items.  Tatum really vocalizes things that he wants to do and is at a fun age so I think we'll have a fun summer regardless.

Strawberry picking
Go out for ice cream
Mini golf

Fire pit nights
Seafood broils & bbq's on the deck 
Make milkshakes
Movie night on the deck
Make ice cream or popsicles

Pool days 
Water fun in the yard
Fly a kite
Feed the ducks at the neighborhood pond 
Paint rocks
Learn to ride balance bike

Our usual summer trips will have to wait until the fall but we're looking forward to a trip to the shore and a road trip to somewhere new!  Looking forward to fun things at the lake like going out for ice cream, tube and kayak rides, water balloon fights, etc.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Last Day of School

Tatum's first year of school has come to an end - and a crazy year at that!  I never thought when I picked him up in mid March that it would be the last time.  Mother's Day Out has also come to an end for him as he'll head off to a different school for preschool in the fall.

The end of the year pictures certainly didn't go as well as the first day - even though we'd been learning at home for 2+ months, we still took them on what would have been his last day.  He is in desperate need of a haircut and missing his summer blonde hair!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Weekend Scenes: First at the Lake

I can't believe it's already June and the summer season is here.  It was so nice to escape to the lake last weekend and have a change of scenery for the weekend for the first time in 2+ months.  It was our first weekend of the season so a mix of getting the house ready and dock time.  

We lucked out with beautiful days both Saturday and Sunday.  Tatum wasted no time getting in the water - walking up to shore, going right in and swimming over to the dock... on repeat.  He was exhausted by the end of the weekend!

Along with my brother, we also checked out a new to us walking trail Sunday morning after breakfast that is a great new spot for us and also has fantastic views of the river.