Tuesday, November 8, 2022


We had a great time celebrating Halloween and the weekend leading up to it.  Tatum decided that he'd be Mario and Teddy would be Luigi.  We got an early start before getting caught in the rain to finish the night...

We started the morning with a small little toy and balloon for each boy, donuts, crafts and lunch with friends before meeting back up for dinner and trick or treating.

A few days before we went to Pumpkinland to get our pumpkins to carve then had a big family pumpkin carving party that night.

The weekend before we had a fun neighborhood event to dress up, trunk or treat, parade, do crafts, etc.  Tatum went as a power ranger and Teddys went as a god for a few minutes.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Fall Fun

We had a great time leading up to Halloween doing all the fall things.  We went to a local market for pumpkins, mums, cider and apple donuts... 

We got a bunch of wear out of the boys Halloween pajamas and many spooky movie nights together for them before bedtime.

We had a couple cookie making nights, decorating and an afternoon decorating haunted houses which was the boys favorite... 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

This & That

We've been doing all the fall/Halloween things lately.  Sports are coming to and end - we have a little baseball left but have loved our Friday nights at the field.

Tatum's been loving school and Teddy's made a new friend in Stella to pass the time while big brother is out.

At the start of the month we got into the Halloween spirit with a bucket for each boy and some festive pajamas...

Derek and I went on a couples trip to Charleston at the start of the month.  It hit right during Hurricane Ian but luckily we were safe and it didn't ruin too much of the trip.  Thursday we got some supplies for the next day and were able to enjoy the afternoon and dinner.  Friday we had to stay at the hotel until late afternoon but we all made the most of it, had fun then enjoyed the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Tatum's Fifth Birthday Nerf Party

A week before his fifth birthday, we had Tatim's birthday party with friends.  He wanted a nerf gun theme which proved to be more fun than I could have thought!  We had a little party bag for each kid with nerf essentials and they played hard!

I think we now have a lifetime supply of bullets and there were plenty of other accessories to use for the kids.  I made a few DIY Targets, some of which we still have for Tatum to play with.

We had apps, turkey sandwiches, pasta and salad then of course a dessert bar with tons of sweet treats for the kids to enjoy in.