Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December Review

My most favorite month was not a let down!

We were so happy to have an outing donating food to the Media Food Bank, got hot chocolate and drove around looking at lights in our new neighborhood, had Christmas Movie Date Nights, entertained friends and I seriously felt like I was always in and out of the mall!!

We watched ALL of the Christmas movies, did some Christmas Crafting and decorated for Christmas
We made Christmas Cheer and celebrated at the Plush Mills Christmas Party with Grandmom early on in the season
Sam and I had a great Girls Day in New York City despite the rain
We met Santa!!!
 We had some great family meals including our first annual Christmas Dinner at Maggiano's
 There was a lot a lot of Christmas Shopping outings 

We watched the Cowboys crush the Eagles at the Linc for Sunday Night Football
 We celebrated 26 with the family 
and also during a weekend staycation in the city
 We celebrated our very first married Christmas together 
and sent out our first Christmas Card
We enjoyed our First Christmas Eve together
and a very fun first Christmas morning/day
 We enjoyed some great time at home over Christmas Break
and a visit to New Jersey complete with a sleepover with Kallyn
We hosted the family Christmas Dinner and watched a HUGE Penn State win in their first bowl game since the sanctions, 31-30 (we also thoroughly enjoyed Bowl Pool Season)
We had a fabulous low key start to 2015 on New Year's Eve with some of our best friends


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