Friday, January 23, 2015

A day off, Grandmom is 90 & Joe Pa Restored {Friday Linkups}

{One} Blog Makeover
If your a regular around here, you might have noticed a fun change!  My blog makeover was complete this week; the girls at Smitten are so creative and I LOVE the new look and am so excited to continue growing my little hobby.  I am by no means I chef and my foodie pics are below par (working on my photography in the new year), I know I'm not a fashionista but it's fun to try sometimes, Sometimes my DIY's work out and sometimes they don't BUT I've picked up so many fun looks, recipes, tips and tricks from other blogs so if I can provide a couple fun recipes or outfits or life ideas to just a couple others then I'm happy and enjoy doing it.  Plus I love remembering all the "little things" in life and absolutely love having this little scrapbook to look back on.

{Two} We Are!
ALL the Penn State fans near far were happy this week when it was announced that all of Joe Paterno's  wins that were wiped away in the scandal are restored! 409 wins, college footballs winningest coach once again; way to go, Joe!   In … In other Nittany News, my very favorite Sam Ficken was ranked #1 kicker for the NFL draft.

{Three} A Day Off
Monday was MLK day, a day we normally would have still gone into the office but Sunday was Grandmom's 90th birthday. 90th!! We had her birthday party at noon, because when your 90, your friends are usually free on a weekday afternoon, so it didn't make sense to make the commute to the office but more on the party below! Anyway, Derek had the day off since he had to work on Saturday morning so we enjoyed our day together!

After some much needed sleeping in, my back was feeling better but still a bit painful so my morning zumba was off and I moved myself down to the couch with my heating pad and did a little blogging and made our grocery list (which I had put off all weekend) while Derek ran to the coffee shop across the street to get us some breakfast.

We went to Grandmom's Birthday Party then ran some much needed errands; grocery store, dry cleaners, car fixing and ended our day out with Pedicures! Derek hadn't seen the Bachelor from last week so we quickly rewatched that before watching this week's episode together and enjoyed some glamorous sandwiches for dinner (too much cake).
{Four} Grandmom Henderson is 90!
I still can't believe I have a grandmom that is 90! So crazy!  A couple fun facts that I leaded at her birthday party; the year she was born, a loaf of bread cost 9 cents and gas 18.5 cents. We had a great time in the dining room at Plush Mills.  There was a great (and big!) turnout of family friends and caregivers.  After the welcoming and prayer, there was an announcement for a missing hearing aid… the things you hear at a 90th birthday party.
How cute! These were at each place setting
I love the look into her 90 years.  the Best Grandmother Button was of course made by moi years & years ago - I was surprised Irene found it, it was fun to see on the board.

Grandma Dot came down and our whole family of five was there.  It was also great to see some of Grandmom's friends who have been family friends for years as well as some of her caregivers who help out with both her and with Uncle Steve so we don't always see them all the time.
The cake was of course.. fabulous and I had a huge piece.  Not usually on the menu for a Monday afternoon.
Seriously, how cute?!
I'm so glad I have great girlfriends to grow old with too
{Five} Together Again on Weeknights 
Last week Derek had to work late every. single. night.  This week we got back to normal which was nice because we both seemed to have super busy days.  We managed two home cooked NEW meals; crockpot ranch pork chops and parmesan chicken (both successful, recipes coming in the future).  We've been on a serious entourage kick and ate dinner in front of the TV two nights :-/

{Extra} Juan More Time
One of my besties, Sarah sent this to us the other day. {Insert emoji crying laughing face here} Needs no explanation.  I actually forgot I wasn't texting when typing an email last week and accidentally subbed juan for one.  Luckily the email was to my parents.

{Extra} The Bachelor: Week Three 
Week three has come and gone and I've had enough time to pick my favorites (in this order)…

Carly (I don't know why, I think because she was so excited to win the competition)

Hate Hate Hate: Kardashian Ashley, Mackenzie and Jillian

I love watching with my husband.  His comments are always loud and he really gets into it.  Plus he pointed out that crazy girl crazy eyes onion girl Ashley S made the face below when the group rose was handed out.  We had to rewind it because it was so quick I didn't even notice.  The photo doesn't even do it justice. Seriously, love watching Ashley S.  Where was her crazy this week?? 
The bride in me LOVED the Cotsco and wedding crashing dates.  They were so cute.  The Bachelor fan in me was wondering where the helicopters were and when they start traveling.

The fact that Jillian of all people wore a shirt that said "stay classy." The shirt alone on HER would have been bad but it was paired with an ugly statement necklace and shorts so short they needed to black bar them out.  Interesting.

Jimmy Kimmel got to guest star?! I am so jealous.  That must have been one hysterical week.

Happy Weekending!!

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  1. That screenshot of Ashley S is too funny! I missed that when we watched it! Your grandmother looks great! Happy Birthday to her! I can't believe gas was only 18 cents! I bet back then they thought it was expensive!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Those girls on the Bachelor are all kinds of cray cray this season! And I must say your Grandmother is looking fabulous at 90!! My Grandma turned 91 in December, and the time with her is beyond precious. Have a lovely weekend :)

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  4. It's so fun to "meet" other PennStaters!!! We are!! So excited to get those wins back!! 409 forever!!! Watching the Bachelor definitely makes my week! I also just saw you were from the Philly suburbs also!! Super fun to have bloggers near me!! Have a great weekend!