Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weekend Recap {Penn State}

We spent the weekend up at our Penn State house for some relaxing, hockey and single digit temperatures.  The house is so cozy and perfect for relaxing and that's just what we did, relaxed!  We mostly enjoyed lounging around the house and being together but we did get out a little bit.

I opened our door Saturday morning to find this.  

After a leisurely morning of pajamas and the Food Network, we bundled up and headed downtown for some lunch and a little bit of shopping.  We went to one of our favorites, The Deli.  The Deli always has a fantastic menu in the winter and Saturday was the perfect weather for a soup day.
 We popped into some of our favorite stores - quickly, it was too cold to be out for long.
 We made a quick stop at home to drop Mom off at home and the four of us headed off to an afternoon hockey game.  We only have four tickets and Mom didn't mind staying out of the cold and relaxing at home with Nash.
 The new arena up there is very nice and it was a sold out crowd for the afternoon game.
I love any excuse to get to wear my lion mitts; they are beyond warm.
It was a big 4-1 win over Ohio State.  Penn State had lost the night before in overtime - Davey and Steve went to that game too, but again, Mom opted out of the cold and Derek and I were driving up to State College so we missed it too.
 Back at the house we set up a little cocktail hour with some drinks and cheeses.  We got to use our new Penn State wine bucket which I LOVE, it will be great for tailgates next year and hosting always.
Derek has never been to the Tavern, a Penn State staple, and I haven't been in a couple years, so we took advantage of the quiet weekend and bundled up again to head downtown 
 There was a bit of a wait so we waited in the bar/lounge area that none of us knew was there.  It was so cozy and cute and definitely a highlight of the night.  There was a fire going and the Playoffs were on so nobody minded the wait.
 State College is always has a little bit colder weather than we have at home, on this day we hit down to 1 degree but lots of layers and a couple cocktails can keep you warm.
We piled in on the couches with our own fire going and watched the second Playoff game before bed.  Nash was happy we were all back with him.  I love some Nash cuddles.


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