Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Valentine Festivities

We had some fun in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day with miscellaneous activities - we changed our living room Christmas tree into a Valentine's Day tree.  The boys had a valentine exchange with their friends.

I had a fun Galentine's Day night with girlfriends - everyone brought a gift from Amazon to exchange as an appetizer, dessert or drink.

Tatum's "Wear Red to School Day" turned into a festive day for both boys and getting a change to use their matching Valentine's shirts one more time.

For Valentine's Day the boys had some matching pajamas and after Tatum went through all his treats from his school party, they each got a couple treats to play with.  We had a fun family day complete with spaghetti for dinner, movie night and lots of playing.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Teddy's "Teddy Bear" First Birthday Party

The weekend of Teddy's birthday we had a "teddy bear" themed birthday for him to celebrate with our friends.  It was teddy bear anything and every thing - teddy bear water bottles to fill up, teddy graham bear hunt snacks, bear favors filled with gummy bears, an adopt a teddy bear station, etc.

Dessert tables at parties are always my favorite to setup.  A smash cake for Teddy, light blue bear cupcakes and one cookies.

Like on his real birthday, he loved smashing into his cake and enjoying every bite.  His cute little teddy bear outfit from Gap was headed right to the wash.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

This & That

It's been a very slow moving and low key winter with lots of time spent relaxing at home and truthfully not doing much.  It's been a nice change of pace.

Our first snow of the season Teddy had Covid and an ear infection so he couldn't go outside to play and we were quarantined so we brought in some snow for the boys to play with inside.  It was fun... while it lasted.

Luckily by our most recent snow he was much better and got to go out for his first time to play in it - wasn't great at walking in his snow boots but loved being pulled on the sled.

Last but most certainly not least we celebrated Lovie's birthday last weekend - her actual birthday we were supposed to get a lot of ice that night so we moved our dinner party to Saturday night and did a little brunch instead.  Since it was a special birthday, we surprised her with a special trip to Nantucket.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Theodore: Twelve Months

It's already been a year with our little Teddy and I can't believe that he's already one (and almost one month).  He continues to be the most smiley little boy, weighs almost 23 pounds, has five teeth and one on the way, walks all over the place and loves just about any kind of food.  He's slowly transitioned over to milk in his bottles, loves holding his bottles or sippy cups and loves playing with anything he can get his hands on - especially his brothers nerf bullets and swords.

On his actual birthday we had a celebration with both of our families with his favorites - meatballs, mac  n cheese and other goodies.  He loved his little cake.