Thursday, January 29, 2015

February Goals

Making our way through the dreary winter months, February is a short month but still have a couple things I'd like to accomplish.

1. More regular mail, just because 
I love seeing what is in my mailbox, usually nothing special or exciting, but I also love sending mail and with Valentine's Day coming up, hopefully I can accomplish that this month

2. Allow myself to just "do nothing"
January was low key but not quite as quiet as I thought, I'm hoping for some lazy Saturdays and coming home from work most nights to "do nothing" and r e l a x.

3. Reading
On the note of "doing nothing" I have a pile of books left from the honeymoon and would love to get through some of them

4. Date Nights & Home Cooked Meals Continued 
With the craziness of the wedding and the busy fall and holiday season behind us, we're having so much fun just being Newlyweds! We are definitely keeping up with more date nights and more home cooked meals

5. Valentine's Day
Last year Derek was sick on Valentine's Day and before that we always celebrated early or late so this is our first year to celebrate ON the holiday.  We're going out for a late dinner (hopefully after the crowd dies down) for our first Valentine's Day but in the future I definitely see us doing something more low-key.  You have to make the first year special, right?!

6. House Work
We are really getting close to being finished with the new house.  Mostly we just have a little bit of decorating left and I decided it might be easier to move from room to room (obviously, January's focus was the office) so I'm hoping to make my way through another room this month.

7. Celebrate Five Months!
We kind of skipped over our "monthly anniversary" dates with the holidays but it's an added way to remember all the little things and make our first married year even more special.  I'm thinking maybe a stay at home date night for this one.

Following up on my January goals…

1. Blog Makeover
This was completed ahead of schedule and I'm super happy with the results

2. Further Photoshop Learning
This one will be pushed over to February :-/

3. Pickup on Workouts
Not quite up to five days a week but most definitely 3-4 and at least two days of double workouts 

4. Two-Three Home Cooked Meals/Week
We've been doing good with this one, except one week that Derek had to work nights but we've tried out some delicious new recipes and are back into meal planning for the week ahead.

5. Weekly Date Nights
Check! From a day-date at Not Your Average Joes to one of our local favorites, Caseys and the sports bar down the street, Double Edge Grill and most recently a special night out at Ruth's Chris; we've been enjoying our weekly nights out.  Sometimes Thursdays, Sometimes Sunday nights and sometimes it's just our weekend activity.

6. Weekend Trip to Penn State
We had a great relaxing weekend at Penn State just after the new year.  If you missed it, look here

7. Organize the Pantry/Kitchen Cabinets
I felt so refreshed after I finished these tasks.  I love an organized kitchen.

8. Make major improvements in the office
I'm SO happy to say this has been accomplished and we've just about finished the room!  A welcome in post on the office coming later this month.

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