Monday, February 25, 2019

Weekend Scenes: Newport, RI

Happy Monday!  We are moving a little slow today trying to get into the swing of a new week after a fun weekend away.  Derek was in a wedding over the weekend in Newport, RI so Friday morning we left to drop Tatum off at my parents and fly up to Rhode Island.

The flight was so easy and after about a half hour ride, we were checking in at the hotel in Newport by about lunchtime.  We stayed at The Ocean Cliff, where the wedding was also held.  

After a few minutes to get settled we headed to the main strip in Newport for lunch.  We picked The Mooring which was right in the wharf overlooking the water.  We each got a bowl of New England Clam Chowder (which was out of this world!) then split a couple appetizers.  We headed back to the hotel and I had a bit of time to relax while Derek was at the rehearsal - I met him at the bar for a drink then we were headed back downtown for the rehearsal dinner.

The next morning we slept in and lounged then he was busy the rest of the day.  I went to meet some of our close friends at The Wharf Pub - we had the best time and ate so many good items.  We finished off with a cookie from the Cookie Jar next door.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating the wedding!  We had a great time catching up with a lot of friends and celebrating.  Yesterday we had enough time to sleep in before heading back to the airport in Providence.  We grabbed lunch and then it was time to head home and pickup Stella and Tatum!

Friday, February 22, 2019

A Day in the Life (16 months)

I haven't done one of these since around Tatum's first birthday and they are my favorite to remember and look back on our uneventful days but ones that I want to remember! We're into a pretty good weekly schedule for Tatum - he has a nanny one day, a morning at Lovie's, playing at the gym daycare usually three times a week, a library day and lots of playing at home.  We've really been working on his one nap and getting into a schedule on that so I try to make sure we're home by 11-11:30 for lunch so he can get down.

I picked this past Monday the 18th to follow along which was also President's Day which through our schedule off a little but Derek was home and we had family over for dinner which was fun!

Tatum usually wakes up anywhere between 7-8am and today he was right in the middle at 7:30.  I always say I'm going to try to get up and get a few things done before he wakes but that rarely happens - especially on a Monday so like many days if he's up on the "early" side for him, I go grab him, change his diaper and let him lay in bed with me for a little bit - he looks like he's coming down with a cold so he shuts his eyes and settles right in.  He plays in our bathroom while I get ready.

Next up is the morning craze.  I get Tatum into his highchair and he has a very simple breakfast since I forgot to boil his eggs the day before (I put them on the stove while he eats) and he has a pouch, banana and some mini muffins.  I get Stella out and fed, tidy up the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, etc.

His playroom is attached to my office so he plays while I get a couple things organized then we head off to the gym for our morning activity.  Just about to leave and he has a rare accident, full new outfit goes on and we're out the door a little bit late.

I get him signed in at daycare (he happily runs in each time we arrive - I love peeking in on him when I get back to watch him play before he notices me) and make my way upstairs to get my workout in and watch New Girl on my phone.

When we get home he plays with Derek for a few minutes since he's home today so I can jump in the shower and freshen up for the day (usually I'd just put a show on for him to watch in his crib).  I've been working on feeding him lunch earlier around 11:30 because we've noticed the earlier he goes down to nap the longer he'll sleep.  Grilled cheese, strawberries, yogurt and veggie sticks for Tatum and tomato soup for both Derek and I.

Just after noon we're upstairs to get ready for nap - a few sips of his bottle and he's asleep quickly today because of the cold I think.  He's down to just two bottles a day - one before nap and one before bedtime.

Now that he just does the one longer nap I try to make the most of that time.  I get done as much as possible but also try to make a point to relax on the couch and take a few minutes for me to relax too. I prep some things for dinner, flip the laundry then settle down in the office to work on a couple vacation tasks as well as Tatum's second year scrapbook - he was 16 months on the 16th so I update it each month with pictures and stats (I also try to do a little reading on his age each month too).  I also take the time to sign him up for a music class at the library this Thursday.  I take the last bit of his nap to relax on the couch for a bit.

Once he's up we cuddle for a little then it's playtime!  I do a few things on my iPad in the rocking chair in his playroom while he runs all over.  I think because of his cold he's a little more cuddly so we have some quiet time on the couch with Mickey and then a little family playtime before getting dinner together.

Around 5 I started prepping things for chili - it's a far cry from our usual later dinners but we've grown to like it!  Derek comes in to help and Tatum watches a show on his iPad and has a snack.

We had family over for a chili night - we were suppose to do it Sunday night but had to swap for Monday.  Usually on a typical Monday night we'd eat early around Tatum's schedule - about 5:30 then have family playtime until time for getting ready for bed at 7pm - tonight he gets to stay up a little bit late.

Everyone came over around 5:30 and Tatum got the run of the house for playing and all the attention. We had two kinds of chili and all the toppings.  My mom helped put him to bed tonight - Into pajamas, read a book, bottle and off to sleep!  He had a bath last night so we skip that tonight.

Since it's Monday, after we got cleaned up I crawled onto the couch for The Bachelor - usually these days I'm up in bed somewhere in the 9pm hour so tonight was a little later for me.  Right when it's over it's up to bed for some reading and then I doze off!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This & That

A couple weeks ago we had two super warm days and it really had me craving spring.  I tried to spend as much time outside with Tatum and Stella as we could - playing, walks, etc.  They both loved it. Tatum would cry when it was time to come in.

On the opposite weather end, last week we had two snow days.  Not a ton of snow but enough to be kept at home and ice as well.

Being stuck at home for two days had Tatum and I both totally going stir crazy.  We played with anything we could to make do and come Wednesday morning when the sun was out, I think we were out of the house by 9am!

Our weekends around here this month have been super low key and lazy - it's been so nice, especially since we have some busier ones coming up.  As much as I love being on the go, it's so refreshing to wakeup with no plans.

We have a huge Mickey Mouse and Disney obsession going on here.  On Valentine's Day we added a big and small Goofy to Tatum's collection and one of the characters is most always tucked under his arm.  We're in the beginning stages of planning his first trip to Disney World later this year and I'm already so excited!

Now that Tatum knows how to go down steps (just one or two) I let him run around in our room/closet while I get ready usually.  I turned away for a few minutes and he found a toy in the paper towel roll - I couldn't even get mad because he was so happy and it was keeping him really occupied!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Valentine's Day

We had the most low key Valentine's Day this year and I think we'll do it this way every year.  No presents, just cards, flowers and candy.  I really wanted to make it a family day and make it fun for Tatum.  I had a couple presents that were leftover from Christmas for him to open and a Goofy to add to his Mickey collection.  

My plans were to make our Christmas Eve cinnamon rolls but I ran out of time so I just used cookie cutters to divide up his breakfast and make it more fun.  Powdered donuts, eggs and strawberries were on the menu and he enjoyed them just fine.

Thursday mornings are Lovie Days so he got a few treats and had a nice holiday lunch with her while I spent time at the office.

His nap was totally off because we'd been delivering some Valentine's to friends so he was tired early - we scrapped our plans of family spaghetti and instead decided to make our meal after he went to bed - He had some frozen ravioli, meatballs, avocado and heart shaped cheese.

Derek and I took our time making spaghetti and then spent the rest of the night on the couch catching up on DVR and enjoying a few desserts - super low key but fun!