Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's the Little Things

This week has been a breath of fresh air.  Finally we've reached the time we've been waiting for, finally.  Wedding Planning and events are over, Derek's busy season (where we see each other maybe one weeknight each week) is over, the holiday season chaos and excitement is over and it's time for quiet normal life and we are so ready for it!!!
(with our occasional vacation adventures still thrown in, of course)

Saturday: I had a catch up session with my sweet friend Julie and she brought over supplies to make hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.. how cute!! We had the best time and our snack was perfect for the cold winter night
Sunday: I proved why I never wear Cowboys gear… Bad Luck!  I texted Derek this picture in the basement and 15 minutes into the game, 14-0, I changed. 
Monday: I planned my morning around the Lilly After Sale!  Luckily I logged on right at 8am, I still had some problems and lost a couple things in my cart that I wanted but I walked away with a few treasures and around 9am when I checked back on there was a 25 minute wait just to get on the site!
Tuesday: Snow Day!! Sort of.  It was only an inch or so but our office isn't super close and most days we can work from home OR the office so if anything is coming out of the sky, we usually prepare to be home. I save about an hour or so total on driving so I enjoyed my quiet time at home bundled up watching the flurries.
Wednesday: I wore this little ensemble to try to brighten up my day and keep me warm since it was FREEZING out.  Today was also the one year mark of Derek living in PA (Yay!) and I finally got a semi-normal parking space at the gym.
Vest: mine is sold out. similar: here 
Watch: here
Necklace: a little over a month wait: here

Thursday: Winter hit hard! Woah.  I dressed myself in the absolute warmest outfit I had because our office isn't the warmest and were in the process of getting that fixed so I knew even once I got out of the cold, I'd still be cold.  When I pulled out of the garage and saw 39 degrees on my car thermometer I thought maybe I read the weather report wrong and the cold was coming this weekend but no, it dropped in a matter of a minute down to 12 little degrees.  I skipped the gym as an effort to stay away from the cold (basically the cold making me lazy) and spent the entire night on the couch catching up on Housewives and eating leftover Enchiladas since Derek was out.  Pefect cold night.

Blanket Scarf: Heart and Home Collection (exact here)
Head Wrap: Nordstrom (not available online, similar here)
Leggings: Lou and Grey (similar here, thicker than normal leggings)
Sweater: Lou and Grey (different color but similar here)
Uggs: Nordstrom (exact here)

Friday: Since our house was new construction we were able to make a punch list when we moved in of things that needed fixing.  We got a bunch of these fixed right away but there was a handful of things that still needed fixing and we set it up for today and they finished up everything!  Needless to say, I enjoyed a quiet day at home while they worked and FINALLY got our pantry/kitchen cabinets organized amongst other little things needing to be done.
 Before and After - I feel so much better when things are organized and have promised myself it will never get that bad again #busyholidayseason


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