Friday, September 27, 2019

This & That

It's officially fall!  It's still feeling like summer here most days, but I love the cooler nights that we've been having.  However, I don't love that it's getting darker earlier.  I finally got around to decorating for fall last week and next week I'll pull out the couple of Halloween decorations that I have.

One day Tatum likes something, the next day he isn't interested then then next week he likes it again. I've been trying to just offer him multiple options (especially for breakfast - sometimes he's just not that hungry before we leave in the morning) and have been having fun with silicone ice cream trays/cupcake holders.

We've finished three weeks into Mother's Day Out and Tatum has finally adjusted so well!  The first two weeks he'd cry on and off for the first five minutes at drop off but now he walks right in and runs to the table to grab a toy to play with then comes out smiling.  He also comes home exhausted and hungry so I quickly throw lunch together then it's up to nap time!

Have a good weekend! xx

Monday, September 23, 2019

Weekend Scenes

Happy Monday!  We had a wonderful weekend away... Friday morning we dropped Tatum off at my parents and set off for DC to visit our best friends.  We settled in, did a little shopping and then went out for drinks, dinner and fun with friends - and a little touristy, drinks looking out at the White House.

Saturday we took advantage of our friends rooftop pool and grabbed lunch - with the amount of pool days I've done with Tatum this summer, it was nice to have some quiet time to lay out.

That afternoon/evening we went over to Annapolis, MD for a couples bridal shower for another one of our best friends.  It was Mexican themed and the best time - we were exhausted afterwards so it was early to bed for both of us.

Yesterday we got home just in time to pickup Tatum and Stella and go to our country club's Fall Harvest event.  The Eagles game, bounce house, pumpkin painting, etc.  it was a great way to spend a Sunday and especially some time with Tatum after the weekend away!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Disney Countdown

We're less than a month until our trip to Disney World and I can't believe it's almost here.  We've been planning for a little over 6 months (so you can get those ever popular dining reservations) which isn't even that long for Disney planning!

Our magic bands came this week and I've been slowly stocking up on a few things for Tatum without going overboard - autograph book, personalized t-shirts and a few other Mickey clothing items, stroller tag and Mickey/Minnie ears for us.

It was annoying at the time but kind of nice now that dining reservations need to be made 6 months in advance and fast passes 2 months in advance.  I've been slowly collecting some inexpensive Mickey shirts for Tatum and plan to lay things out in time so it's not overwhelming (I must have googled what to pack in his park bag 20 times)!

We have a countdown which I meant to hang up almost two weeks ago at this point and just got up this week so better late than never!  I wouldn't be surprised if Tatum rips it off soon though.  I've loved using the Disney apps - My Disney Experience, Magic Guide for Disney (to gage wait times, etc.) and the Disney Dining App to familiarize myself before we go.

Even though Tatum will be just under two, I think he will have a blast and this trip is just as much for us to watch and see Disney through his eyes as it is for him!

While I love the characters, I'm sure Tatum will be nervous by them - we have a few character dining experiences so hoping for the best!  Crossing my fingers for nice weather and shorter lines.

Any tips, tricks or tidbits, please share... Especially for a toddler! 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Penn State vs. Pitt

We made it back to State College this weekend for our first game weekend of the season.  We got up just in time for lunch and a little shopping downtown on Friday before relaxing at the house, prepping for the tailgate and doing our usual/favorite Friday night Mexican dinner.

The weather wasn't ideal on Saturday but it wasn't terrible either - most of the tailgate was dry or dry enough under the tent until shortly before kickoff it was pouring!  Finally it let up but kickoff ended up getting pushed back 40 minutes so we let Tatum keep playing in the car and once it was dry continue playing with his football which he loved all tailgate.

We ended up with a 17-10 win - the closest game yet.  We spent the rest of the day drying off and relaxing at the house then enjoying pizza and appetizers while watching more college football.

Friday, September 13, 2019

First Day of School

On Monday Tatum had his very first day of school, ever!  He started Mother's Day Out two days a week for the year.  I setup his little table with some school decorations and a new book for when he woke up to enjoy breakfast at his little table which was a treat since he usually eats in his highchair for the most part still.

Derek and I were able to both drop him off and pick him up and he went in just fine, no tears and smiled the second he saw us for pickup.  He came out wearing his little packpack, holding his coloring sheet and holding his teachers had - a sweet moment I won't forget.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

5th Anniversary Trip

Since Montecito is about an hour and half away from LAX and we had to wake up super early on Saturday for our flight, Thursday we headed back down to the LA area.  Our anniversary was the next day so we thought there was no better place to spend it then our favorite place - The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Unlike our usual trips we didn't plan to be on the go as much and more relax at the hotel.

They had the kindest treat waiting for us - a ferris wheel of cupcakes with pictures from our previous stays and pajamas for Tatum.  We spent what was left of the afternoon enjoying the pool area and then enjoyed dinner there at the hotel.  There's no bedtime on vacation, right?  At this point Tatum was caught up on the time difference and did great through the night.

The next morning we went out for a little bit - there was a Louis Vuitton in town for a couple more weeks, we did a little shopping and had an anniversary lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, il pastaio.

The majority of the day was spent at the pool and we all had a blast.  The weather was on the hotter side - upper 80's - with the amount of people there it felt like we were still in mid summer and hard to believe in a few days we'd be home adjusting to a new fall schedule.

Friday night we celebrated our fifth anniversary - we had a wonderful meal complete with champagne and a funfetti soufflĂ© at the Polo Lounge.  The blurry photo was the best we got of the three of us but Tatum did sit still in his seat to let us enjoy our anniversary so that's a win.

A hotel hallway is the perfect place for a little guy to get out some energy.  By the end of our stay, Tatum would be reaching up for our key, run to the room and hold it up to the door trying to let us all in.  Until next time!