Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a very slow week!  Derek worked late almost every night so we didn't do a whole lot! I don't know what was in the water around here but Penn State and Dallas BOTH lost in overtime and the Eagles lost in the last few seconds.. rough sports week around here :-/ Neeldess to say, we spent Monday catching up from Penn State and Tuesday catching up from Monday Night football.. by Wednesday the week was half over but we were finally up to speed!

Of course the highlight of our week was our Penn State weekend
We weren't the only ones in town - apparently Ryan Lochte caught a lot of attention downtown 

 We've been noticing how pretty our new backyard is - the leaves we have are just beautiful and I looked out the other day to see a beautiful sunset too

"Paint the Front Door" has been on the never ending to do list for so long now and this week, I finally fixed it.  It might look easy because it's just a couple little white spaces but it was certainly a challenge and took hours due to multiple coats. But in the end - another item is crossed off the list, wahoo!

We keep talking about going green and now we're finally doing it - we started our "green" smoothies this week

Last night we celebrated Halloween Eve here at the Sotherden's!  We had Halloween pasta and meatballs for dinner and Derek carved one of our pumpkins so we can light it up tonight handing out candy (if we can transfer it over to my parent's house)
We got this on a whim one day when we were out shopping - it turned out to be really good; I hope they make some for Christmas
 We had some left over creamy ice cream from Penn State so we finished the night with
"Monster Mash"


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