Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

I love new planners!! My new Kate Spade Planner came in the mail and I couldn't wait to get my markers out and start filling it in - although there wasn't too much because other than some fall events, we're trying to lay pretty low and just enjoy being home in our new home :)
 Just a typical day in the neighborhood
 I went over to pick mom up to go out for some house shopping and walked in just as she was making breakfast for her *and Nash* luckily I walked in at the right time and got some too! I also took part in Nash's morning play session.
 I LOVE his excitement when any of us siblings walk in the door - pretty soon we're going to do his first big sleepover at the new house (we've got toys and treats.. we just need to get some dog food)
 We went in Lowe's for home items and stumbled upon the Christmas aisles.. about a half hour later we moved on to what we were really there for.. Santa and some other items came home with us
 Since it had been before the wedding since we'd been there, we splurged at my favorite 
We tried out Uno for dinner - neither of us had ever been and it's literally around the corner.. I sent Mom this picture of me cozying up in both of the new blankets we had gotten and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch, I was wiped 

The biggest news this week was the bar at Casa de Sotherden was officially finished! Well - it's up and running - we just have to have the front panels put on once the new wood for the front comes it (it's a slightly wrong color)
 These photos were before it was stocked.. we're officially taking name suggestions.. I like Sotherden Saloon or Sotherbar but Derek has other ideas
Other huge news of the week.. we got lamps in our master bedroom! We've been working on "compromise" since we've been home as I'd happily fall asleep with the TV on and the lights on and Derek likes complete darkness.. the lamps help the situation and we've been waiting and waiting for them 
 Saturday was our "Engagemnet-versary" as well as a big Penn State game so we had some family over for the game - a lot ended up being away but we had a great time
Few things are more delicious than tailgate food and since I haven't been up for a tailgate this year, I was excited to have and indoor one with a bunch of apps then just some sandwiches and stuff at half time
Glasses set up at the bar, lighting on and family all around.. happy this project is finally finished! Bar stools coming soon
Loved using our new glasses for my drink
I see many more football parties in the "man cave's" future
 Mom and Steve had to run up to Penn State on Friday so we were lucky enough to have an ice cream bar with some creamery ice cream
  Nash rules this house just as he does the other
and a year ago on Saturday.. this happened :)
and the day after that, we were AT the PSU/Michigan game instead of watching the away game on TV like this year.. how quickly time flies


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