Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites - September Edition

Wedding Week:
{August 31 - September 6}
Nash was dying to bring home this big stuff pup he found on one of our walks.. like would not leave it alone
One of our last nights out as Mr. & Ms.
It was pure joy on Thursday when our friends began arriving into town
These two are a riot together
We loved having everyone over!
and then we drank 13 bottles of wine...
Girls morning at the nail salon - photo on the left, all three of us unknowingly came down to go in our outfits from the night before 
 Some of us just couldn't quite wait until the bridesmaids luncheon and needed a mid-morning McDonald's snack - don't all brides do this the day before their wedding?!
There was a big battle at the nail salon (with strangers laughing) because I said I wanted fries from McDonald's and Bianca said you can't do that the day before your wedding! Ten minutes later, she was on my side!
Just before the rehearsal dinner on Friday our kitchen was filled with everyone "working from home"

Our first week home:
{September 21 - September 27}
Some wedding gift surprises to come home to - our bar underway and some local eatery gift cards :)
Since Mom, Steve & Davey were coming home from Penn State they let us pick up Nash from the Pet Resort and play with him at our house for a while 
 Then Mom, Steve, Davey and Ryan, our cousin, popped over to welcome us home and look at some pictures and get pizza
Nash DOES have a toy basket at our house 
 Monday we both had off and unpacked, did errands and tried to relax
 We stopped by the office to bring mom lunch because we were highly craving Chick Fil A after two weeks away
Our first (and possible new favorite) home cooked meal together - Enchillada Casserole - the recipe has already caught on to others and is a favorite {Recipe coming soon}
 I rejoined my workout group two days after work - with traffic sometimes it's easier to swing by home and workout after work and then go home the back way
 Derek had to work late one night so I dined at home with Mom and Steve and brought him home a nice home cooked meal (thanks, Mom) - it was a win, win

Wednesday Derek had to work late again but the rest of us caught the last Dining Under the Stars of the season at Stephen's - a chilly night in Media.  We also realized we missed recycling day - our house wasn't too pleasant for a little bit but we're slowly figuring this whole thing out!

 …and then this day happened.  Still trying to get back on regular sleep schedules - I went into the bathroom (and closet) to get ready for work and came out to our room looking like this, two work men in the upstairs fixing the "sqeeks" in our floors - and also an hour early - and two workmen downstairs waiting to come up and insulate the attic.  I also had to navigate out of the driveway passed all the trucks - some days it's eventful living in a construction zone.
 Literally, the doorbell rang - I went into the bathroom to get ready - came out ten minutes later and this is what our room looked like...
Returning the rain boots that I rush ordered for the girls in case of rain on the wedding day - 2 pairs didn't come and it was a quick rain so this was an easy fix
 It took me over an hour to get to work on Thursday - but it was the first day of the week I remembered my breakfast! 
Another one of our creations - soft chicken tacos
ptl all the shows are back on! I got home early Friday and had a moment eating lunch, on my couch, in my house, watching… Scandal!  I was starting to adjust - until jet lag got the best of me and I fell asleep at 5pm until time to get Derek.. oh well
We had Lindsay and Nick over for the night and had a chance to reminisce about the wedding

This Week:
{September 28 - October 4}
One of our last big house decisions - picking the countertop for the bar
Over the weekend our room went from dirty to clean, our closet from empty to full, the laundry baskets from full to empty.  Our summer stuff is put away in the basement, our fall stuff in our closet and the extra wedding decor packaged up - I'm starting to feel a little bit more calm with these accomplishments 
Sunday errands are never dull
 Nash is still a prince/beggar and still loves his toys even at the new house - I was thrilled to see Mom and Steve decided to bring him when they stopped by on Sunday
 Sunday was a huge night in our house - Derek and Ryan set up the new TV in the man cave and the Cowboys were on (and dominating) Sunday Night Football - Derek was a very happy camper
We went home for a family dinner 
Everyone helped brainstorm some meal/recipe ideas for the newlyweds
 Our bar making major progress - should be finished by next weekend 

{The Newlywed Diaries}
We've done a bunch of home cooked meals in the past two weeks - always a prayer and a toast before them!
Flowers from the husband - happy wife, happy life :)
Our first grocery store run was a success and we we're asked if we were Newlyweds 
We tackled house chores together 
 Already a great husband in many ways - putting together a shelf for our office stuff until we get actually furniture in there 
I saw this and immediately sent it to Derek one morning...


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