Saturday, October 4, 2014

Getting Ready.. For the Big Day

The setup for us girls getting "beatified" 

One of the most stressful parts of the day.. getting the Dunkin Donuts order straight...
Loved the special time with my parents and my best friends

What a photo; Steve and the girls 
Love this one of me and all the girls
and this one.. I asked them all to "stay close to me" while I was getting "made up"
Such a cutie
Just being a good bridesmaid.. fielding my texts as well as contacting the groom/brother of the bride
Love Mom's decorations
Mimosa Bar
We tried to go outside but being 90+ we were both complaining of the heat
Our morning photographer 
Opening my gift from my almost husband

My great grandmothers wedding ring, handed down from my grandmother, that he had redone and reset (to fit my tiny fingers)
Loved the florist's tags for the flowers

A couple photos from the boys getting ready… (Thanks, Davey)

What Mom & Steve came home to, post wedding… 


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