Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

On Monday, we've been married a month - it's still hard to believe it's over, we're married and we've completed our honeymoon.  I used to think I would be so sad when it was over but it's bittersweet because I do with I could relive that couple weeks of excitement and that special day again but married life is awesome!  I feel so blessed and we're having the best time living "a normal" life.
{as fun as it was to be a bride I now so look forward to being a bridesmaid now for my friends who did such a great job to me.. hurry up girls :)}
We've been home for two weeks and we're pretty much caught up on life - laundry, housework, errands.  Caught up on this at work, new routes to work from the new house and for me a new schedule (avoiding traffic).  We are continuing to embrace our new home and have fun using it.

My favorite Miss Kelly Ripa celebrated her birthday last week with a cake from none other than... Bredenbeck's Bakery!! Bredenbeck's made our wedding cake/Derek's Groom's cakes for the rehearsal dinner - At first it didn't click, then I remembered she's from South Jersey, must be her favorite bakery, she must love their delectable frosting as much as I do.

Last Thursday was trial day for Joe and Teresa (I feel really bad for them and their family) but I was waiting and waiting for this day - all along I thought it was the day after we got back from honeymooning - but apparently it got pushed back.. again.. to last week.  I LOVE tracking high profile scandals - It all started back in 2003 with the Scott Peterson Trial, then the Duke Lacrosse Scandal, Etc. I love tracking them and waiting for the verdict. Love it.

This one was fun to track because I feel like "I know" Teresa since I've been watching her on tv for the past few years - While some of the NJ housewives get annoying, I love her spunk. And because we used to party together.  See below...
 {I can't wait to buy her book, because she will of course write one} 
Mom and I had a successful and fun shopping day at King of Prussia 
 And stocked up on some Mrs. Fields
 Some of our new stationary came
 Derek and I had our first "date night out" since being home from the honeymoon at Fresco across the street.. it was loud and crowded inside so we decided it was still warm enough for the patio and Derek quickly drove home to get me a jacket and was back in five minutes!
 Mom and Steve had dinner down the street so they stopped over to say hi, see the house progress and drop off some mail.. Mom also gave me some cleaning tips (while I ate some cookie cake)
 Derek made the bed.. while I was still in it
 The "quietness" we've been waiting so long for.. my feet up watching college football on a quiet Saturday
 We went over to the Ontjes' to celebrate little Collins' 1st birthday party
Sharing my cookie cake with someone who is probably a bigger fan than me.  We also had an impromptu night with some of the family over for football with everyone being in town for the wedding - none of us really into the game were cheering very heavily when ASU won in the last couple seconds

 Derek and I finally found time (in my new workout gear) to work on getting a walking trail down in our new area
 Our neighborhood road is finished about half the way around and we were able to walk up the hill and have a different view of our new house
 We finally got around to getting some flowers (I've been asking since we got home) for our front porch

 Derek's parents and niece made a quick visit for lunch on their way home from visiting one of his brothers in VA - the best part was when Kallyn announced that "the best part was that Uncle Derek and Aunt Christina are both in her family now"
  We celebrated Cale & Carly's Wedding
I was thrilled to have a sleepover at Clover Circle the night of the wedding and have Nash come home from day care to wake me up
I love getting new planners; I was so happy when this one arrived and I could "plan" in it
Just your average fall day in the neighborhood
 Things are finally slowing down a bit that there's not something that "has to be done each night" and Derek had to work late a couple nights so I had some time with my magazines and to start reading my cookbooks

The Newlywed Diaries:
Derek and I (well mostly I) decided on or near the 6th of each month, we'd do something special to celebrate our "mini anniversaries" for the first year.  Monday was officially our first month of marriage complete and we celebrated Saturday night at Ruth's Chris with a gift card Steve had given us after the wedding for "something to look forward to"


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