Thursday, October 9, 2014

After Party.. Brunch.. After After Party

Since we had just that bite of cake I was THRILLED to find this in our room
The process of getting the dress off
Buxtons with a strong presence at the After
 Any excuse to continue the night
 Sam's fabulous maid of honor shirt
Always special with them!
 Just missing Davey!

 Lots of wedding selfies through out the night 
 It was great to have some extra time with our friends who were up to continue the night
 One of my favorite parts was the bartender asking how I was paying for my drinks and saying "just put it on my HUSBAND's tab"
 Once the bar closed down we moved the after party up to our suite
 At about 4:00am or so we all called it a night for the partying..

{Our Own After Party}
Our glamous wedding dinner - I'm now pretty sure that this is what most bride and groom's first meal together looks like (ALL of our appetizers and some of our dinner was a long time ago)
A great groom.. got all the bobby pins out of my head for me
Pre-Breakfast of Champions which really did hit the spot at 9am
It was the day after my wedding and I was starting it off with champagne and cake with my husband = pure happiness 
Before brunch Mom & June took us out to the gardens to snap a couple photos of us in our Mr. & Mrs. Shirts 

Clearly we didn't do a good job of photographing brunch - just the people at our immediate table - but the hotel creatively put the tops to our flowers on our brunch tables as centerpieces
 Digging in to a full plate of pasta!
 It took us a while and some help from our friends to get all our stuff packed and loaded 

"After After Party"
We had a couple friends and family still in town and just had some sandwiches and relaxed at our house 

We were pretty tired but it was fantastic to have a full house of out-of-towners 
 More eating of course
 Once most of the people left.. Mom and Steve went home to get Nash so he could understand where Derek and I were and we were SO happy
 We had plenty of left over cake and then ordered some pizza for one last family dinner before we took off on our honeymoon


Next Week starts the Honeymoon Posts :)

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