Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Honeymooning: Bora Bora, Part Four

We watched the stingray feedings a couple days before this but they were always so crowded - they key is to be there BEFORE the feeding 
 The stingrays start coming in about an hour before their feeding time and that's the time to be there - the beach is very quiet other than people laying out and there a ton of rays
 It was crazy and despite the bad photos we actually did a good bit of petting them
Everywhere at the resort is always so quiet and relaxing each day - notice nobody in the background - because there's so many different places to be and things to do
Despite having two keys we locked ourselves out or something else happened at least twice
 Derek had been wanting to jump off the top deck the entire time and I of course "didn't think it was a good idea"
 There he goes.. "so much better than jumping off the bottom deck"
 Under our coffee table
Never gets old..
 We packed two tubes with us and inflated them there.. we broke one on the first day
 Our dock was out far enough that we couldn't touch the bottom - which was good because we always needed our water shoes at the beach
 More coffee table fun
I preferred to float while Derek enjoyed his jumping 
 Another fantastic happy hour on our deck - some nights we'd see the sunset depending on what time our boat was and tonight was one of those nights
Beautiful time of the day
 Our very favorite dinner in French Polynesia was at Mai Tai
 We had a table right in the back by the wrap around deck...
There was floor to ceiling doors that stayed open so we were able to enjoy the breeze
 We ate our dessert outside.. by the pool! Another restaurant with a pool
 My sweet husband killing a bug that got into our makeshift snack/bar area and seeing Mr. and Mrs. Sotherden never gets old
 We're robe people


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