Monday, October 20, 2014

Honeymooning: Bora Bora, Part Three

This day was our very last day of a tropical shower, but again it came at a convenient time - right when we got back from sailing so we just sat on our deck and enjoyed the quick under the umbrella 
Another shot of our Mr. & Mrs. Koozies and Monday night football was on.. at 2:00pm

 Our hut :)

 Looking for seashells 
 With the people we had met the other day and swam over to their dock
 Loving being Mrs. Sotherden as I watched the sunset 
 Accidentally captured this creative shot
 Bora Bora Sunset - we took the boat into the mainland again for dinner
 This night dinner was at Bloody Mary's!
 Probably the most popular and well known restaurant on the island - below are the boards with the names of all the celebrities who have eaten there
 It does have quite the environment
 The food was okay - not our best meal, not our worst - it was cool that you picked your meal right here at this little set up right when you walked in
 Best part was you could leave your shoes in cubbies by the front door and enjoy having your toes in the sand
 We had a great little spot in the back

Day Five:
Not a single thing was planned today and the quick rain showers were behind us! 

Waking up to this view and great breakfast buffets :)
 Our last day before switching resorts.. we had our favorite spot on the beach
 .. our favorite drinks to have on the beach
and our favorite bartender (who doubled as a great photographer)
It gets hot out there, it's so relaxing to be cool under one of these
Our favorite Sex on the Peach's 
 Monograms always
Derek's kayaking adventure with the stingrays
One of my favorites from the entire trip
 and the outtakes :)
Val!! Our favorite bartender and a entertainment to be around
 She told us we were the new owners of the South Beach Bar - we were sad to say goodbye to her
Derek of course made friends with the pool boys and a few minutes later I looked up to find one riding over on his bike with a bamboo headband for Derek and Bamboo purse for me 

 Some more resort views...
 Boat Dock
Next up.. stingray feedings, more fun in the sun, our favorite meal in Bora Bora and our switch to the Four Seasons 


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