Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Month in Review: October

October has been one of the best, most peaceful, calm months we've had. We were home the entire month and it was fantastic, how life should be!  {Fast forward to the new year and I think there is what our new year will look like possibly with our phones unplugged}

Needless to say not too much to show for our month; but we did a few things…

 Both of us agreed it was so nice to be at the mall and not looking for a dress for this or a necklace for that and just "shop"
 We finished out family wedding season and helped Carly and Cale celebrate their big day
 We had a blast being able to just come home from work on a Friday and meet up with friends on a whim or try some new places in our new neighborhood and just go with the flow
Our bar installation was pretty much finished - Since these photos we've made it look a little more homey and stocked it and the front panels should actually be installed next week!
 I mean this is pretty much what our month looked like… relaxation
 We had some of the family over for the Penn State/Michigan game and celebrated our 
 Davey, Derek and I made a trip to Pumpkinland to gather some pumpkins for the new house while Mom and Steve were in sunny Arizona
 We had a surprise date night at home - we had dinner at home on a Saturday night because we finally were not on the go - it was fantastic - then we had a double date via face time, technology at it's finest 
 As well as another surprise date night at my very favorite (which we live farther from now) El Gran
We put a lot of effort into getting our house decorated on the inside and the out 
 We had an extremely fun weekend at Penn State for the big game (and sadly our first and last of the season): Post Here
We celebrated Halloween and activities that go along with it 


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