Thursday, October 23, 2014

Honeymooning: Bora Bora, Part Six


Day Seven in Bora Bora 
We took it easy and spent the morning on our dock before heading in to the beach!
 First up was the lagoon for Derek to snorkel and then both of us to paddle board
 Loving being a wifely
 Paddle Boarding in the Lagoon
 Ah, beach time
 Lunching in our hut
 and we finished our afternoon of at the pool
 For our last night out we took the hotel boat into Vaitape and went out to dinner in the town
 Our reservation was late so we had happy hour on our deck to finish up some of the drinks and snacks we'd gotten through the trip
 Loved how pretty these little canopies along the docks were
On the dock at the Bora Bora Yacht Club

Day Eight in Bora Bora:
Our flight back to LA (well flightS - we first flew on a quick island hopper back to Tahiti and then overnight to LA) wasn't until late Friday night so we had all day to enjoy the sun other than some spa appointments

We enjoyed our last bit of time on our dock
 We also did some mimosas on the deck
 and of course back to the beach for lunch, sun and relaxing 
 Please note just how short my husbands shorts are
 Soaking up our last bits of paradise
 Trying to be creative 
 A little time at the spa before heading back to our bungalow to pack up and clean up and start our journey home 
 Sad to leave paradise but ready to be home after two weeks away.  Our journey home was an adventure as one of us seemed to have either eaten something bad or caught something and wasn't feeling her finest.. We were lucky to make it out of the Tahiti airport and flying over that water back to LA :)
The water is really that blue, the island is fantastic and we had the best honeymoon
Our last sunset in Paradise 

For More of Bora Bora:

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Last but not least; Our honeymoon buddies...
Ashley Tisdale and her husband were next to us on the beach two days - he's strikingly noticeable and we also saw him at the pool a lot but didn't really recognize her until we saw this article


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