Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favortes

The biggest news of the week is that Derek and I both have new licenses - mine with a new name, his with a new state.

We made a trip over to Pumpkinland and got a few pumpkins to decorate our house 
 Mom and Steve were away and Davey was dog sitting Nash so we had a pizza night and all hung out for a bit - Davey and I LOVE stuffed crust pizza; Derek not so much
 And Nash loves begging and receiving a frosty paw
 he also loves his toys

Over the weekend I had a massive cleaning session in not only our room but the entire house - our room went from this
 to this 
(we also got the bench that's part of our bedroom set this week)
On Sunday I sat down on the couch to watch the first episode of How to Get Away With Murder and was hooked, I didn't get back up until I'd finished all four episodes, I barely was ready in time to meet Davey and some other friends at Iron Hill for dinner 

You know your growing up when… you download the ACME app and it's one of your new favorites

 a sweet surprise 

A couple girls came over for happy hour - we love hosting and getting to enjoy our new home 

 a surprise date night to… El Gran, which we now live farther away from so it's a special treat 

 We had a double date via Face Time

Our wedding photos might not be in yet but Cale & Carly's are - love love love my family, and this isn't even all of it! - what a beautiful day they had! I still can't believe family wedding season is over.

Newlywed Life:
On Saturday night we couldn't decide what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go for date night and ultimately decided it might just be best to be low key and stay in - I came out of the shower to find this on the bed
and was treated to a margarita-tini while I got ready

and then came downstairs to find a surprise date night


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