Monday, November 3, 2014

November To Do List

We are right in the prime of my favorite time of the year! I love these weeks leading up to the holiday season and all the excitement!  I'm so excited this year because I'm not busy planning a wedding in the midst of it and can put my full focus back on the holidays this year!
We can already cross this one off, we just got home last night from Dallas, y'all!  We went do see my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Derek's beloved Cowboys play.. Will next year be the year we make the trip for the big Thanksgiving game?!?
The Big 2-9
We'll be celebrating Derek's last birthday in his twenties this week! I can't wait for all the over the hill decorations next year! Any excuse for a birthday dessert :)
Thanksgiving, Duh
One of the best holidays is upon us - we give thanks everyday but a day to be extra thankful AND eat more than your suppose to AND a parade AND football AND family!  This year our Thanksgiving dinner is in fact revolving around the Cowboys and Eagles game - big day in our house!
Derek and I debated going to the game but I'm glad we decided to stay home - I like to root for the Cowboys with him unless they are playing the Eagles and I'd prefer to go to a Cowboys game when we can both cheer together - whoever said you can't like two teams is wrong - it gives you higher chances of liking the team that wins the division.. especially if you like the top two teams :)
Watching all the 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episodes
Doesn't really need any explaining - I don't know why anyone would not do this - Friends Thanksgiving episodes are classic
Last Penn State Game of the Season
My heart is a little sad that we have to miss the actual last game of the season since it falls on Thanksgiving weekend and we'll be away (we'll still be dressed in our blue and white) but we'll make the Temple game a great last one for us and hopefully look forward to a big party (maybe a trip?! hint hint, family) for a BOWL GAME this year!! Happy to be eligible this year :)
Friends, Friends, Friends
Marriage is a balancing act but we are thrilled to be seeing all of mine and Derek's best friends this month {not all at the same time so lots of quality time with each friend!}
Our First Christmas Tree(S)
I want Christmas trees in multiple rooms in our house but this year we'll settle on two - our main tree and a smaller one for the foyer and they will of course go up late November so we can enjoy them all December long
Decorating for Christmas
I can't wait to "deck the halls" of our first house for the first time
Christmas Planning
I LOVE planning for the holidays - now that Derek and I are settled down and in the same place it will be so much easier to enjoy & embrace the holiday season and not constantly be on the go

Annual Christmas Shopping Trip
Our very own version of Black Friday shopping - I can't wait for mine & Mom's "Tuesday Before Thanksgiving" shopping trip when the malls are quiet and sales are already starting.  I'm also excited for my new interest of the internet sales the week OF Thanksgiving
I'm already in the Christmas mindset; can you imagine what the December month list will look like?!

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