Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rehearsal Dinner

Some pre-rehearsal photos...
When I say "Sother" you say "Den" chant before leaving 
When I did my internship in Allentown Mom & Steve got me this mini-Nash to make it more "home like." Davey moved out just before I moved him so I let him borrow it for his house - he returned it to me at the perfect time, when he came over before the rehearsal dinner 
The groom ready to go
Loved this whole time with my parents 
Grandma very excited for her first of three weddings this fall
With the church sign in case it rained the next day - happy we prepared and did this!

Last photo as a family of four 

Dom standing in
Maid of Honor and Bride; two of the last to arrive at the rehearsal dinner 
Davey had to calm/slow Derek down and remind him that Sam and I were lagging behind "in our heels"
Rehearsal Dinner at The Town House - quite the family tradition 
Groom's Cake Table I did for Derek
Cowboys themed cake, of course

These cakes were suppose to be the size of actual baseballs and with a Mets logo… NOT a Yankees logo
Groom with the "good" cake

I had to get a cheerleader on there - the ice cubes in the beer bucket were rice krispee treats and SO good
The mistake cake…
(Derek and I always bonded in college over our Philles/Mets rivalry)

Buxton Girls
Father of the Bride
We both sat with our friends that night to get to spend some extra time with them.. The Girls Table..
And the boys table..
There was a small fire at the girls table...
Mothers of the Bride/Groom
Fathers of the Bride/Groom
We did the bridal party/parents gifts during the afternoon and the day of the wedding but did the kids gifts at night
Derek and his almost Mother in Law
Derek and his Mom
Loved having all of our friends together for the special weekend

Some family photos starting off with this gem

Really preparing for the next day..
Chardonay and Manicures with Grandma 
Final goodbyes before the big day!
Closing out the night
The most important part - getting the left over cake home
Making sure there were no cold feet 
We forgot/weren't sure Davey's gift was place - after some brainstorming Davey and Sam realized we had it in the car the whole time - anyway the boys stopped by the house and he opened his "brother of the bride" cufflinks over FaceTime.  Steve got his matching "father of the bride pair" the next day
We also Face Timed with some of the girls arriving into town
The bridesmaids stayed a little extra and hung out at the bar in the restaurant 
Then we got home to find out that Derek had broken or disabled the garage and we were locked out. The night before our wedding. 
This crew drove home to get the spare key


Tomorrow.. The After PartIES

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