Thursday, October 16, 2014

Honeymooning: Bora Bora, Part Two

We headed right to the beach when we got back - Mt. Otemanu behind us
 We spent most of the rest of the day under our hut relaxing
 Around the resort...
 We came back to find some goodies in our room for us
Derek went to get us some ice and met some people across the dock so we swam/floated over for happy hour - how convenient!
Laying out on the deck with our robes and slippers was one of our favorite things to do - such a great way to unwind from such a busy time - so peaceful

We had happy hour inside tonight - there is our make shift bar to the left and an episode of Cougartown (finally something American) on in the background on the right
We went in for dinner to one of the hotels other restaurants, The Sands
 We both got such a kick out of the bathroom signs..
 After dinner we went to Bubbles bar - my malibu and pineapples always came with the malibu in the glass and a little carafe of pineapple juice
 A down pour came in out of nowhere so we were shuttled back to our room in a covered golf cart
 We spent what was left of the night watching the rain come down and feeding the fish through our coffee table
 Usually something like cricket was on ESPN but we were thrilled when some of the college highlights had come on - we'd been tracking the exciting Penn State game on our phone earlier in the day

Day Three:
A great view to leisurely wake up to
We had to get a couple selfies for Grandma, of course
We spent the morning getting massages (looking into the water!) and enjoying the spa area
 Around lunch time the daily "quick rain shower" hit so we ate inside and Derek tried this crazy coconut drink and we also found our new favorite drink for the rest of our stay.. the "sex on a peach"
 Like anywhere tropical no rain storm lasts long and we decided to spend the rest of this day enjoying our dock
 We had a visitor with us, we had a Montery spend a little time around our dock
 I'm proud to say that I did get back into the water after he left 
 Waiting at the boat dock to catch our 10-15 minute boat ride into the main land hotel for dinner 
 We went back to our favorite little lunch spot from the day before and enjoyed it just as much - I was very happy to be sipping on another of my favorite Mai Tai's
 The boat only comes at certain times giving you enough time to go to some of the farther out restaurants also - since ours was within walking distance we just hung around the Le Moana until time to go home
 With everyone on the island being so friendly we did make some friends though

Day Four: Catamaran Rental 
 We were up early and excited for this day - we had planned to rend a catamaran to take us out on the water for half the day.  We had filled a cooler with snacks and drinks and left right after breakfast.
{Our boat headed in in the midst of the huts}
 A husband and wife own/live on the boat and they were great to be around - the showed us special spots on the island and always had great snacks and juices they would bring out
 We were SO glad we did this excursion and enjoyed every minute of it
 Derek enjoyed adventuring anywhere on the boat…
 but my favorite time was spent on the trampoline area - it was super fun to watch the beautiful water right below you
 We packed along our Mr. & Mrs. Koozies the MOH gave us at the shower :) Thanks, Sam!


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