Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Honeymooning: Tahiti

We have over 1,000 pictures from our honeymoon - I'll be scrapbooking and making prints and hanging some in our house, but I'll try to save just favorites for here.. I'd be posting until Christmas if I did everything..

Tahiti Day One
We arrived first thing in the morning - the sun was just barely coming up - it was one of those "get off the plane on the runway" things - and we were SO ready to get off!  The customs line was slow, tiring and hot - no AC in paradise! Our car was ready for us, we got lei's and headed straight to the hotel. We were greater with some delicious mango juice and went right to our room to find some fresh fruit, water and more leis and flowers
 We were tired but not quite ready for naps - we hit up the breakfast buffet and grabbed some seats by the pool to relax - once I laid down, I immediately fell asleep because it was still hazy out but woke up an hour later sweating in the sun and not sure where my husband was 
There was a moment of panic when we couldn't get my phone to work and a slight hissy fit because I couldn't tell my mom that I had arrived halfway around the world but my great new husband got us connected and I was able to tell family and friends we had made it safely
He swam over to the swim up bar to get some morning cocktails for us

Post morning pool session we were ready for an indoor nap and went back to catch up on some sleep - afterwards we switched to the other pool and found where we'd spend the rest of our Tahiti stay.  
Derek also did some snorkeling 
 Enjoying our first of many happy hours in paradise
Our dinner lasted probably less than an hour, thankfully it was a buffet at the hotel and we could eat quickly then head to bed by 8:30 and slept until past 9:00 and finally felt rested 

Tahiti Day Two
Each time we walked past the turtle pond we'd have to stop to say hi to Derek's "bros"
 We did nothing but lay by the pool today.  Derek surprised me with an m&m vodka milkshake
 Surprise surprise, another buffet for lunch.. this one very similar to my Providence favorite, Fire and Ice - I was happy to sign for it...
Back to the pool of course
 We watched a fantastic sunset and hung out on the beach/swim up bar with some friends we met from California until the sun went down then got ready for our last night in Tahiti

Tahiti Day Three
We had taken two bottles of malibu and two bottles of vodka with us that we got at the duty free shop in LA - we opened one of the packages in tahiti so we had some drinks on our balcony to say goodbye to Tahiti - we also had some good Mai Tai's at breakfast because we forgot to use our drink tickets
 Again, no AC at the airport so please don't mind my hair, but this time it was a breeze getting through - we got there about an a little over an hour before our flight and were checked in in 10 minutes (we were also flying as "divers" to get our bags checked for minimal fees) - you could just have a drink at the gate so we got a wine, beer and a tahitian tabloid for $1.50 as a souvenir 
 The flight was less than an hour and before we knew it we were looking at these views below
 The airport is tiny and only accessible by plane or water so we caught a boat to the resort
 Mr. & Mrs. Sotherden ready for Bora Bora

 Around the Hotel in Tahiti… 


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