Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Honeymooning: Bora Bora, Part One

Bora Bora Day One
We made it!!!
 Our room was.. just fantastic; I don't even really have words to describe it - it didn't even feel like we were in a hotel, we loved all the space and the face that we were over water was amazing

Happy to be greated with Champagne
 Went down to the resort for a quick lunch but hurried back to enjoy our balcony and get in that beautiful water!

 We had reservations for the Tahitian Dinner Show at The Reef at the resort, we had great seats, a great buffet.. and FINALLY some great wine!
 And the wine was none other than.. Santa CHRISTINA - well Cristina but whatever, still my name (Note: On this night none of the hair appliances would work - tomorrow we get a new converter and can at least get straight hair.. until it frizzes.. the whole trip all I could think of was Monica on Friends)
 Highlight of the show, seriously.. he was so good!
The sweet lady to the right put her hair piece on me for the photo and when I went to give it back she said it was mine! So nice! We displayed it in our room for the rest of the trip

Bora Bora Day Two: 4x4 Safari Tour
This was one of the highlights of our trip - we were in the back of a little open roofed 4x4 jeep and toured around the entire 20 mile around island consisting of three towns with 8,000 people living on the inner island, who are all friendly because they love seeing new faces
 We off roaded up the mountain for some fantastic views as well as the World War II cannons below
 Our tour guide was literally barefoot from the beginning of the tour to the end, I'm not sure if he even had shoes with him, but Rocky was great.. he picked all that fresh fruit in the middle below for us to snack on and picked us that coconut, above.
 Fantastic views - it's awesome to see the different water colors from above
Mud, Mud, Mud as well as a couple moments of fear going up/down the mountain

 Remember he was shoeless the whole time on the muddy mountain, so he took some time to clean up when we got back down
We both very interested in photography and using the camera this trip
 Some of our sights we saw on the drive around the island including the one pharmacy, two gas stations, two grocery stores (they also have some quick marts and stands), three churches and my favorite because Derek and I were joking about this before the tour… Tahiti Wireless (Phone Store)
Once we got back we went to this little bar/restaurant (which played a lot of beyonce videos) and loved it.. they even had a pool area

 Best Mai Tai's of the whole trip and just a fun relaxed environment.. It was also within walking distance of our hotel's sister hotel so it was convenient.. we also went back for dinner the next night
 While on the main island we stocked up on some beer/wine and snacks for our upcoming catamaran day
 We had the boat shuttle to ourselves on the way back from the Intercontinental Le Moana to our hotel, The Thalasso (look at that water!) and were able to get dropped off at the dock at the end of our row of huts


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  1. Wow!! This is my definition of heaven on earth! I just love the color of the water and the bungalows that site above the ocean...