Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Wedding Memories: Part One

Woah - people aren't kidding when they say "the wedding day goes by so fast, it is a blur, do your best to take it in"

It goes   s o   f a s t. Your all over the place.  Having a blast.  It's so easy to forget little details.  Things slowly keep popping back into my mind!  I took the time on the flight to LAX to write down some of my favorite memories (which turned into 13 pages of "little" memories) and I'm so glad I did - there was so many little things that made the day perfect; I don't want to forget any of them!  

I'm sure as time goes on and once we get the photos back more and more will pop into my head & we love talking to others and hearing their favorite parts but for now, here are some of my favorite wedding memories and the few photos we have so far from our own photos (like the 10 we took ourselves)/Mom's camera/friends photos (Mostly Sarah with some from Sam & Bianca)

{in no particular order and memories don't go along with the photos - just a random mix of the "personal" non professional photos we have from the day and memories :)}

First.. Our Wedding Day Faces
Watching Derek's excitement that day made me so happy - our excitement was so true and real - we had just a couple drinks but we're running on pure adrenalin and giddiness
Ashley said "I can't wait until you get in that" - an interesting way to say it but I couldn't wait to put my dress on either!  Although with all the excitement, we almost forgot my veil - we forgot to have the hair girls put it on so two of the bridesmaids and Mom did it but we were successful.

"Something Blue" a piece from on of Dad's old shirts inside my dress
The photo's from the photographer will be great but Mom had to snap some "personal" photos on her camera and looking at this one that will be a great memory
There is probably about 100 versions of this photo amongst the 6 bridesmaids phones for a "pinteresty" photo from the photographer coming later

One of the most relaxing moments of the day cooling off, calming down and just sitting, relaxing having my photo taken.  At one point the photographer said "look wherever you just where" and I went back to watching the Penn State game.

Loved having Steve as the only boy with us that morning and holding his own amongst the house of girls - the day got hectic so it was great to have that quiet time with my parents and best friends early on

Photos with each of the bridesmaids - somehow these are the only ones that made it onto cell phones too

I dragged all the girls onto the deck for photos in our robes, we burned our feet, were sweating, complaining, blinded by the sun.. it was indoor photos only from then on out

{"Bus" ride to the church}

We got a call just before I went up to get ready that our party bus's air conditioning had broken - I thought everyone was kidding (we kept making jokes about how it was the hottest day of the year) and they said they were sending another one.  Walking out of the house I thought "that sure does look like an ugly party bus - it was white with weird stripes, not black like I thought.  When we got about a foot away you could see inside and that it was NOT a party bus.  A little bridezilla came out and Steve gave me a big glass of champagne and told me to walk to the back of the bus and sit down with my glass.  I couldn't believe this was what we we're arriving in but I was so in shock/excited for the ceremony I tried not to think about it.. the real hissy fit comes later

The day wouldn't have been complete if Sam didn't "take our picture with her arm out" - I always tell her these are our best photos

Just take a minute and note the seats on the bus.. like it wasn't even a luxury bus, just a plain old bus and there me, mom, steve and my six best friends rode along drinking our champagne, chatting with excitement and nerves

Probably one of my favorite photos of the day - so far.

Nikki was waiting outside the church to come on the bus and pray for us - another calm, special time.

Mom and Steve just enjoying themselves up front with the cooler

My best friends helping me use the bathroom minutes before walking down the aisle
Great moments with my parents just before adding on another member to our family
I was surprisingly calm, not the least bit nervous and was able to not cry (all things that I thought would happen) The entire day a complete calmness came over me and relaxed me to enjoy it even more
Nick held up great, since girls over 13 don't have coodies, he was okay with all the bridesmaids.
I can't say the calm thing for all of these girls - I loved how excited for the day and "nervous" some of them were to go down the aisle just before me
I can't wait for the videos to see moments like this. My mom is stunning and my brother so handsome. Great capture Carly
I'm so glad our church has a private back area - I hate when people can see the bride and then she just comes on down the aisle - I LOVED that we were able to shut the back doors - not only was I a surprise to everyone but everyone, the church set up and especially Derek was a surprise to me!  I had originally planned on peeking through the doors and watching my friends go down the aisle but like many other things on the crazy day - I forgot and I'm so glad, I'll never forget when those doors opened
Steve and I walked just about every day before I moved out and still a couple times a week now - this was our best one (if only him and Mom would have let Nash come too)
Derek and I had such a blast with Nikki during our pre-marriage sessions and she had previously told us we were the best matched couple she had ever married - I was thrilled when she tied that into her sermon and Derek surprised me with a little fist bump at the altar.

I could not control my smile when I was looking at Derek, we loved our ceremony.  I took a couple peeks out into the crowd to see everyone but mostly Derek and I just smiled at each other and took it all in - probably the most peaceful and calm part of the day!
Another highlight of the day, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" and getting to walk out together, married!

Photo to the left in the background was inspired by some photos from Mom and Steve's wedding day
I prayed and prayed and prayed for good weather on our wedding day but earlier in the week I realized that was not going to happen and I prepared myself.  It rained a little during our bubble send off (enough to flatten my hair - which a great MOH fixed, twice) BUT it was pretty quick and even though we didn't want the cocktail hour inside, it was moved in and it ended up being okay because we had the gardens for that entire time to get photos in slightly cooler, tolerable weather - had it have been the temperature it was that morning, I would have been a wilted bride, we would have had complaining bridesmaids and the groom/groomsmen probably would have been melted down to just a puddle in their tuxes since it was 90 + and high humidity
We thought the rain was going to continue and this would be our only chance for outdoor pictures - so the bride, the only one with hair down, ended up with flat hair.  Wait for tomorrow - it get's fixed. and we got outdoor photos.
At this point I'm sure bugs were crawling into my hair since after our family photo session my sweet aunt told me to stand still and pulled an ant out of my veil

{Wedding Party's "Bus" Ride to the Reception}

Cue the bridezilla hissy fit - the entire bridal party stood around for about 20 minutes trying to decide if we should all squeeze in the nice Mercedes Luxury Sprinter (made for 10 people max) or the ugly "bus" - we tried for the sprinter, got Derek, myself and the bridesmaids in and it was filled.. here is Derek and I in the back of the "bus" on the way to our reception
We made the most of it - the only downside was I had to sit in my seat the whole time because my dress wasn't going to fit up and down the aisle. There was traffic.  There was rain.  There was vehicle confusion but inside there was fun.
Sam trying to explain to Derek that I had a right to throw a hissy fit and to just let me do it for a little while and calm down
Our bridal party was so much fun - bus ride, our own cocktail hour and especially the time and thought they all put into planning out their introductions
There's so many people to see throughout the night so this was a great time alone with just our closest friends - despite what we were traveling in

Next Up..  the Reception!



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